Letter To Editor Supporting Matt Crisafulli For Worcester County Sheriff

crisafulli-ad.jpgI wanted to address the issue of “experience” in the race for Worcester County Sheriff. Having worked closely with Presidents, U.S. Congressman and Senators, CEO’s and business leaders across the U.S., I’ve seen what it takes to be a great leader. My master’s degree was in organizational behavior, and that helped to codify what I have observed over the past twenty-five years. Of course I am biased in endorsing Matt Crisafulli, but I would never have done that if I didn’t see in him those qualities that make a great leader. Position power only gives a person a platform-what they do with that platform is critical for success. Titles mean nothing without results. So, here is why I believe that Matt has what it takes to be the next, great sheriff: first, he does have years of management experience, but he also has the confidence to know what he doesn’t know and he’s not afraid to bring the best and brightest on board. He listens to people, extracts the best practices and will do the same in any position he holds. He has tremendous empathy and truly cares about the residents of the county. He is innovative and creative and is committed to solving problems with a team-oriented approach. He has vision and a tireless work ethic. He is positive and believes that motivating people-not tearing them down-will empower them to do better and not be afraid to fail. We need someone with the leadership skills-and who does have the backing of the current and former sheriff-to take the helm of the top law enforcement agency in the county. Great leadership is so much more than a title. Titles come and go. But professionals with heart, vision and integrity like, Matt, will endure and make a difference that lasts for all the residents of Worcester County.”

Dava Guerin


2 thoughts on “Letter To Editor Supporting Matt Crisafulli For Worcester County Sheriff

  1. I feel the best thing to happen to Worcester Co. would be electing Matt as Sheriff.
    I have known Matt since 08/1996 and have watched him grow & mature in the LE world into a true Leader, Matt cares and is willing to work hand in hand with the Citizens.
    You will NOT find Matt “Riding a title” but he is one for getting out & about, rolling up his sleeves when needed and pulling for a successful outcome.
    You will find Matt out & about talking to citizens hearing first hand their concerns and then acting on those issues as best as he can AND will re contact those persons to find out 1st hand how things are working out. All too often a LEO will take the call, write the report and case closed onto the next.. NOT Matt, He will provide at least 1 follow up contact if not 2.
    The Choice is a clear one, just look at past track records of the candidates!


  2. Vote Matt! For a refreshing new, youthful and positive future for Worcester County. Let’s try something new!


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