Support For Barry Dize Crisfield Mayor




“Election day is tomorrow and it’s very important for every city voter to get out and cast your vote. This will decide which direction Crisfield will go in the next 4 years. I am writing this post because I think it’s very important that who should be running our city for the next four years. The next four years is crucial for Crisfield and we need to have a leader with a vision and the energy to move this town forward!
Any Council or Mayor that wants to cut our Police Department does not be need to be in a leader position for our town! Cutting the Police Department budget would be the worse possible decision that any Council or Mayor could make for our City. It is very crucial that we have a full supported Police Department.
I’m choosing Barry Dize for my vote tomorrow. Barry and I, even though we’re a couple years apart we have watched this town decline and without a Mayor, that’s going to be Hands-On showing up for events, answering emails, being engaged and involved into our community the only choice you have is Barry Dize. Without a Mayor that will listen to the Whole community and Not a small selective group of the community and ears for everyone because your voice is your vote.
Election day it is tomorrow it is very important for every city voter to get out and Cast your vote. This would decide which direction Crisfield will go. If you don’t vote don’t complain.”