Welcome Back To Lowereasternshorenews.com


We have much to discuss as I welcome you back to lowereasternshorenews.com. The transfer to wordpress is complete and even though it happened much faster than I anticipated we got everything back on track pretty quickly. I know it seems like a whole new world going from blogger to wordpress but it really is just as simple for you to use and interact with me.

Many people were confused by the comment form asking name , email, website etc, thinking that meant there would be no anonymous comments. No worries my friends you do not have to fill out any of that info, just make your comment and hit submit, completely anonymous.

I still as stated have some background things to finish up like linking this back to my facebook page and some other tweaks. There are so many cool new things I can do with this site now after the switch to wordpress. As always you can contact me via cell 410-422-2948 if you have story ideas or wish to discuss anything.

If you have anymore questions regarding the switch leave them under this post and I will reply to them. Thank you for the patience the past week as I made this switch, but we are now back open for business.


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  1. How can you see older posts and comments from the old page? Also it says have to be invited to read the new blog.


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