Mike McDermott Tries To Fool People Into Thinking Sheriff Mike Lewis Endorses Him

In the past week a photo was added to Mike McDermott’s sheriff page shown below

This directly implies an endorsement. Mike Lewis however when questioned about this very post had the following to say .

That my friends is some shady shit, trying to use a post like that to fool people. Matt Crisafulli as mentioned had his photo taken with Mike Lewis but he didn’t make up a tale and share it all around like Mike Lewis was supporting him. I’m telling you integrity people..vote Matt Crisafulli

UPDATE: Sheriff Lewis posted on his own Facebook wall the following

“In the final weeks leading up to Maryland’s Primary Election on June 26th, many photographs of political candidates running for the Office of Worcester County Sheriff have begun to appear on social media and within businesses throughout Worcester County.  In some of these photographs, my picture has appeared with at least two of these candidates.

Let me be clear, I have not authorized the use of any photographs for purposes of political endorsement, nor have I announced my support for any candidate running for Worcester County Sheriff.  I personally know each of the four candidates, and I find them to possess the qualities and attributes uniquely essential to the position of Sheriff.

As Sheriff of Wicomico County, my picture is taken dozens of times a week with my constituents and my colleagues, while attending events in and around Worcester and Wicomico Counties.  And, because this is an election year, there are many more events and fundraisers underway which require my presence, and in many cases they require me to speak.  I have deliberately eschewed from personal photos being taken with candidates running for Worcester County Sheriff unless we were joined by other political candidates.  I understand the unintended consequences, especially when those photographs are altered for political gain.

I truly appreciate and value the many friendships of have developed during my thirty-four years in and outside of Law Enforcement.  Working with Worcester County Sheriff Reggie Mason during my career has been an honor, and I continue to value the importance of working together for the citizens of Worcester and Wicomico Counties.

As such, I’m very much looking forward to working with the newly elected Sheriff of Worcester County .  It will be our job to work together and maintain the incredibly strong relationship that was started by Sheriff Chuck Martin, maintained and improved under Sheriff Reggie Mason, and this legacy must be carried on by Sheriff Mason’s successor.  Our citizens deserve nothing less.”


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