Worcester County Voters This Is A Must Read Post Before You Vote Tuesday

Worcester County Voters it is time for an expose on two very important races happening in your County. Those races are for State’s Attorney and Sheriff. These two seats have become so closely linked in the past 8 years you are really voting for one team or another. The main players in this soap opera are now Judge Beau Oglesby, Mike McDermott and Reggie Mason. This then encompasses Billy McDermott, Kris Heiser and Matt Crisafulli. Let us begin.


Flashback to 2010.

Beau Oglesby after a stinging loss of only a handful of votes to incumbent Worcester County State’s Attorney Joel Todd 4 years earlier, throws his hat in the ring for another shot at the job. During this same period Sheriff Martin had decided to retire which meant the position of Sheriff Of Worcester County would become available. Reggie Mason stepped up to run for this bringing with him his impressive credentials shown below

“Sheriff, Worcester County, since December 6, 2010. Chief Deputy Sheriff, Worcester County, 1984-2007, 2010 (deputy/k-9 officer, 1979-84).
Member, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council, Worcester County, 2010-.

Attended Pocomoke High School, Pokomoke City; Del Tech Community College; Wor Wic Community College; National Sheriff’s Institute; Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy, 1984; Maryland Sheriffs Executive Schools, 1992; Fire/Police Instant Command School, 2005. Served in U.S. Marine Corps, 1965-69 (presidential citation; Vietnam combat action ribbon; Vietnam campaign medal with device). Employed by Ocean City Police Department, 1970-79. Member, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge no. 10, Ocean City, 1970-79, and Lodge no. 50, Snow Hill, 1979-; American Legion Post no. 67, Snow Hill, 1985-; Maryland Sheriffs’ Association, 2010-. Member, National Rifle Association; Friendship Community Association; Mar-Va Theater Performing Arts Center, Pocomoke City. Silver Star Award, 2004, and Single Gold Star Award, 2007, Worcester County Sheriff’s Office.”

Beau Oglesby was like a drifter at the time trying to find the right wagon to hitch his ride on so he showed up to all the events for people running for Sheriff. Reggie Mason was the clear choice and had the support of law enforcement and the public and so upon seeing Reggie’s star taking off Beau latched on for the 2010 tag team ticket idea.

Above are images from both the 2010 and 2014 Sheriff and State’s Attorney races in Worcester County, clearly showing the tag team of Mason and Oglesby. During these years Sheriff Mason chose Dale Smack to be his Chief Deputy. Reggie Mason himself told me as did Dale Smack that he was Reggie’s heir apparent for when Reggie decided to retire. Dale had already begun to get his ideas together on his campaign for Sheriff and was preparing for a 2018 run by putting into the drop program. Mike McDermott was not even in the discussion as someone Reggie trusted or wanted as Sheriff, that is a fact. He had never made Mike a Chief Deputy.

All was smooth sailing, the plans were in place for the future of the Sheriff’s Department. On the State’s Attorney side Beau picks Billy McDermott to be his Deputy State’s Attorney setting into motion that Office’s future for the very thing that transpired. Beau Oglesby was selected to replace the mandated retirement of Worcester County Circuit Court Judges Thomas Groton. So you may ask how the hell did we get to today?

Well it began a few years ago when Dale Smack out of the blue decided to retire earlier than originally planned. The reason behind this is vague and depends on who you ask. The end result of this however was a severe and painful split between him and his mentor Reggie Mason. Dale gets offered a job with Hogan’s administration as a Parole Judge and that put an end to Dale Smack being Sheriff. This of course leaves the future of the office of Sheriff up for grabs. Mike McDermott having run or applied for any job he felt would bring him prestige sees his opening and like a mouse on a piece of  cheese, or I prefer to think of him as a fly on fresh crap.

In The State’s Attorney arena at the time Beau Oglesby was in limbo land not knowing for sure if his name would be picked for one of the open Judge jobs that would be opening up. He had to pseudo be ready for a States Attorney run but also be ready to go if chosen. This put Billy McDermott his chosen successor into his own limbo land. Billy had to be ready to hit the ground running if Beau was chosen. It was because of this limbo that Billy was later getting boots on the ground and was beaten to the race by his opponent Kris Heiser.

Mike McDermott seeing his only available political run become open now, enters into his path of destruction.The deal Beau made with Mike to run as a team like he did with Reggie all those prior years would have to be honored by Billy McDermott. Well how did this become such a shit show then JT?

Easy answer. Mike McDermott started making decisions without consulting Reggie Mason as if he was the already elected Sheriff. In all this drama one person had already stood out and said I would like to lead the Sheriff’s department into the future. That person was Matt Crisafulli. Matt has the energy and desire to continue the great traditions of the office of Sheriff.  Mike was not pleased at all that Matt had filed for Sheriff and immediately started being an ass toward him. He even had the nerve to tell Matt that didn’t he think he owed Mike a conversation before filing. Newsflash Matt filed way before McDermott had.

The fallout was swift with this falling out between Mike and Reggie. Reggie clearly saw attributes and other things that showed Mike is not a good leader or someone he would want to pass the torch of the Sheriff’s department to.  Reggie endorses Matt Crisafulli to be the next Sheriff, along with former Sheriff Chuck Martin.

This point my friends is when the proverbial shit hit the fan. The tight brotherhood that existed between the Sheriff’s Office and State’s Attorneys Office was over. Beau Oglesby desperate to continue his sick Bond with Mike tries to talk Reggie out of endorsing Matt. Guess what Reggie told him go pack sand and he wasn’t changing his mind. This is when the supporters of Mike McDermott and Beau Oglesby and Billy McDermott by default, began the campaign to disparage anything and everything Reggie Mason says or does. If they can’t make Reggie shut up, then they have make him look like a silly old man. This is why all this drama has unfolded.

Has Reggie done things he shouldn’t have since they started this smear campaign? yes he has. He has reacted like anyone would however to see former friends and allies begin to trash his reputation because he won’t endorse their candidate of choice in either Billy or Mike. Both Billy McDermott and Mike McDermott’s camps contain shit stirring assholes who go out of there way to talk shit about good people because they couldn’t get Reggie onboard.

Billy McDermott is a good person, however he is in bed with the worst snakes around. Can he rise above them and be the good person he shows to everyone else? time will tell, but so far he hasn’t dared rock the boat with his running buddy Mike who keeps up the McDermott 1 2 punch BS. I will say this again. Matt Maciarello ran on his own merits he didn’t need to be joined at the hip with Mike Lewis to get elected. Matt wanted people to judge him for his own actions and vote for him, not for a ticket. I just have not seen any of those traits from Billy. He is a great victim advocate and Attorney, but one must question if he will be able to be unbiased when it comes to any and all dealings with the Sheriff’s Department if Mike McDermott is elected. He already has his former boss Beau sitting in robes in front of him everyday, and it takes real testicular fortitude to stand on your own without needing others support to win.


Mike McDermott is not Sheriff material. Mike McDermott is an asshole who just recently threatened to sue a victims family by playing word games. He is a condescending prick, that talks up his Foxnews talking points and tries to belittle people who disagree with his views. He is not Sheriff material he isn’t even a man, he’s a little boy who feels the need to look important because of his inflated ego. For Mike or Billy supporters to run their mouths about Reggie being retaliatory, I say go %$#2 yourselves. Maybe if you wouldn’t act like 4 year olds none of this would have transpired. You started this crap, so don’t sit back now and cry like babies because Reggie responds.


This my friends is what Worcester County has happening behind closed doors. Before you push that vote in Tuesday, ask yourself do you want a man who judges victims as unworthy and sponges to be the man who runs Law Enforcement in that County? If you aren’t upper class my friends you are shit on Mike’s shoe. I will be glad when Tuesday is over and both of these races are over. I encourage you to vote for Matt Crisafulli and whoever you think will be better for Worcester County in Billy Or Kris Heiser.

Either way win or lose, Wednesday I am moving on from any Mike McDermott discussions because quite simply whether Sheriff or dog catcher the man is not worthy of any more of my time.


13 thoughts on “Worcester County Voters This Is A Must Read Post Before You Vote Tuesday

  1. Agreed. Mike isn’t worth your time, or anyone’s time. Even if he wins he will still be deeply hated by most people of Worcester County. Don’t mistake the opportunity for him to win in a primary election where democratically can’t vote a sign that people actually like Mike. It’s only because ppl recognize the name from all the damn signs all over the place.
    Let’s hope Joe Albero start reporting truth in the future too and not pushing out Mikes bullshit “opinion”.
    Good luck with the new you JT!


  2. I’m not very informed on the sheriff race, but as far as the states attorney race goes. I think everyone should case search William Mcdermott and Kris Heiser. It’s obvious who is the most experienced. Also Bill Mcdermott is supported by all of FOP lodge 50 when Kris Heiser is only supported by some of FOP lodge 10. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think it’s a no brainer to vote to Mcdermott for states attorney


    1. I can see now throughout this campaign that all the McDermotts do is twist the truth which makes them both unprofessionals with NO integrity . For Sheriff I’m undecided still. I like Both Scott and Matt. States Attorney is a clear choice. I will be voting for HEISER!! Good luck to you great people for caring about Worcester County. God Bless.


      1. Are you for real? That woman has twisted the truth for all of her “endorsements” and had been caught in several lies throughout the campaign. Not to mention she says she’s successfully prosecuted “murders” but when asked has yet to be able to provide a name of a single murder she successfully prosecuted.

        Tell me one lie Bill McDermott has been caught in. None. Because he is the real deal unlike Heiser. She’s a joke.


      2. Your posting as anonymous so would you mind explaining why your voting Heiser? I value others opinions but I’m rather curious. I just don’t think she’s the right one for the job. Please explain. Thanks.


    2. Case search is NOT the way to see who prosecutes, because the vast majority of the cases in Wicomico are just listed as attorney for plaintiff “State’s Attorney”, then, underneath, it may (or may not) list who is assigned the case. It is not a fair and accurate representation of how many cases any State’s Attorney has prosecuted.


  3. Absolutely she is honest, smart and, extremely educated. She has REAL life experience. She has been doing the job twice as long. She knows what leadership and teamwork means. She comes from a family of law enforcement She is endorsed by very reputable law enforcement officers including FOP lodge 10. She is also supported by firefighters and other public safety personnel. In addition she has been endorsed and is supported by dozens of respected business owners all over the county. She is supported by the PEOPLE! She genuinely supports and cares about the community . She is REAl and carries herself as a TRUE professional.


  4. Well, is there any truth to the rumor that Billy McDermott represented himself to then Judge Groton as an “Assistant State’s Attorney” while in front of real lawyers in Judge Groton’s chambers?

    Now this rumor had it that this was done when he was working in Beau’s office as a CLERK BEFORE he had taken or passed the Maryland Bar Exam, and ipso facto (as the lawyers would say) could NOT have been an Assistant State’s Attorney.


    1. george truitt is your best person for sheriff take a good look . he is the man if you want a sheriff , not a GOB system a fair system.


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