Lowereasternshorenews Endorses Kris Heiser For Worcester County States Attorney

It has taken me some time on this race, but Kris Heiser gets my endorsement. The bayside gazette said the same things I have in reference to the uncomfortable connections between a Worcester County judge and both candidates running for States Attorney and Sheriff. I need to feel in the end of the day that the States Attorney is not in the pocket of the Sheriff and the judge. That my friends breeds corruption. Billy McDermott while being a nice guy has shown he doesn’t have the testicles to stand up to either.

For all the experience they try to point out comparing the two, I want the public to know that 𝘯𝘰𝘸 sitting Wicomico County Circuit Court judge Matt Maciarello had such faith and belief in her skills he sent her to train the Attorneys representing the State in District Court after taking over. Put accountability back into this Office after 8 years of mold growing in it…be Wiser and vote Heiser


9 thoughts on “Lowereasternshorenews Endorses Kris Heiser For Worcester County States Attorney

  1. Hey man when you going to put the rest of your endorsements up? I want to see county council and clerk of court, Wicomico of course.


  2. Cannot wait for more one term BOOB follies along with his army of misfit toys. The upper crust at the G.O.B are spending more time looking at this blog than doing there job and being good stewards with taxpayer coffers. Vote Jack Heath to sweep the trash and dead wood out the door.


  3. Jack Heath is a great choice for people who don’t pay property taxes and want free stuff that other people pay for. Bob has problems but he says he wont put up the taxes unless the public demands it.


  4. Kris will be a great States Attorney the county is going to be so lucky to have her, Finally we will have someone to stand up for what is right!! #bewiservoteheiser


  5. Heiser has the support of true professionals not posers!! People are finally realizing and seeing the truth, Thanks to her and her supporters!. We can’t thank you enough Kris for representing law enforcement as it should be with the upmost respect and integrity. We HAVE YOUR BACK! #bewiservote heiser


    1. You guys will be lucky to have her. I will speak for SPD we will miss you. We are rooting for you. Don’t be a stranger. #bewiservoteheiser


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