Lowereasternshorenews Endorses Sheree Sample Hughes For House of Delegates Legislative District 37A

Sheree Sample Hughes and I are on opposite ends of the world politically. She is a Democrat and I am a Republican. With this being said you will never find a better representative of the Minority District that she represents. The numbers as shown above clearly show this District is a minority one, and they deserve to have a smart intelligent role model in this seat looking out for their best interests.


8 thoughts on “Lowereasternshorenews Endorses Sheree Sample Hughes For House of Delegates Legislative District 37A

  1. What a Joke! You should have supported the Republican regardless of a few more minorities in that district. She sure does put the Africans over ole White! Just sayin!


  2. Her district only votes for her bc she is BLACK a white person could live in her shithole district and be a 1000% better for them and they would still vote for her because she is Black they are ALL racist and belong stuck in the shithole GUETTO s that they made for themselves.


  3. So white people should only vote for white candidates in a white area ? Then Ms shitples would be calling you a Racist.


  4. People should be represented by whoever will do the best and right thing for them…minorities have typically voted Democrat for so long because their parents and grandparents did, without actually looking at the issues…sorry, but look at what liberal policies have done to Baltimore…Detroit….history shows that Republican party has been the one to promote policies that encourages people to work, be self sufficient etc…democrats have twisted things to make republicans look like the “haters”….the KKK was created as the enforcement arm of the Democratic party…they created the Jim crow laws …it goes on and on…I hope you post this so as to show polite, opposing point of views…as you are aware, other bloggers often don’t post comments they dont like..


  5. I wouldn’t vote for her if all the commenters showed up with $1000.00 on my door step asking me too. I have my reasons just glad nobody I know has to deal with that family anymore. My reasons involve kids so I won’t post.


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