Lowereasternshorenews Endorses Wayne Hartman For MD State Delegate 38C


I am endorsing Wayne Hartman for State Delegate 38C. Let me explain my reasoning. I really like Joe Schanno as a person and have been very supportive of his desire to run for Delegate twice over the past 10 years. Joe is a young guy and I will definitely keep an eye on his career path since I believe he has a future in politics. I think what may help Joe get to the next level is to run for a lower tier office in the area first, as I think many look at Hartman’s experience in Ocean City as the reason he should get the nod this go around.



4 thoughts on “Lowereasternshorenews Endorses Wayne Hartman For MD State Delegate 38C

  1. First person did not vet, second endorses as long as you buy books, friend of first,third person doesn’t check knowing other 2 are normally conservative. You don’t really look at Schanno,s job with DNR and fact in legislature every session past 3 or 4. You ignore his work for our governor in 2014 election in all nine shore counties. You believe need old jaded folks to represent us Annapolis. I think we need to drain the swamp and Joe as a young conservative true Republican who is not in any ones pocket is a good start.


  2. Really done with out thought or research you should look at his donation records for both himself and Hartman companies see who he really supports poor decision on your part.


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