Mike McDermott Threatens To Sue Victim’s Family

Anyone that knows me or reads my site knows I despise Mike McDermott. Let me show the world the true ugly side of this waste of air.

Everyone that has seen the shows on the Sheddy case, or read the news regarding the Sheddy case knows that Mike McDermott was heavily involved. The family would call to ask questions about the search and they would get good ol Mikey on the phone. The same man who decided Christine had run off to party and abandon her kids telling her Mom she was a sponge on society. It seems a recent interaction between the family and Mike has gone viral in Worcester County which shows what a pos McDermott truly is.

A gentleman unrelated to either side had posed a question to Mike regarding the Sheddy case, and his handling of it. Mike claimed he had little to do with the case and basically dismissed the criticism. Lynn Dodenhoff Christine Sheddy’s Mother saw this response and said the following. 

To which Mike McDermott responds

Mike was absolutely correct in his response. See my friends Mike McDermott is a sleazeball politician who plays word games to justify his actions. Mike was not assigned the case or was operational supervisor at WCBI. Mike McDermott was the immediate supervisor of the lead Detective on the case.  When any issues arose on the case it was Mike McDermott as the Lead Detectives supervisor to handle. This also meant steering the investigation away from the truth which was Christine had been murdered and toward Mike McDermott’s view that Christine was garbage and had run off to party and abandon her kids. He is going to actually make a threat to the family of a murder victim to sue them because he was playing word games on his actual role in the case. Christine’s mom responded shown below

You can vote for who you wish, but what you see above is the true face of Mike McDermott. Mike is the real sponge on Society by continuing to victimize murder victims families by playing word games with the truth.


6 thoughts on “Mike McDermott Threatens To Sue Victim’s Family

  1. I am a frequent critic of This blog but one thing I can say and defend to my death is that you Jonathan have been by Lynn’s side since the early days when Christine went missing and you have been a loyal advocate for the family all this time.
    People like McDermott need to be exposed for the shit that they say and do and their lies about their actions when cornered by people .
    I will say this, if that prick sues Ms. Lynn, it will be the end of his political career. Power hungry LEO/ politician suing the mother of a murder victim…..not good for his image. He just thinks by threatening a suit he will shut people up about what an asshole he really is


  2. I was at the poles and witnessed Mike Mcdermott being asked to move his vehicle. He said No …call the cops AND THEY DID!!!! It was epic!


  3. He sounds like a “little” fella that I know….maybe that’s why he supports him? Birds of a feather flock together! Bet Culver likes him also….


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