Christine Sheddy’s Daughter Speaks For First Time Publicly About Her Mom

Letter to the Editor
From Haylie  Christine Sheddy”s daughter.
Mr. Mike McDermott I have some things to say to you… Why would you call a missing person, a missing daughter, a missing sister, a missing loved one and last but not least my missing mother a sponge on society? How could you be so cruel to ones family at a time of need… a time of need for you to do your job. Do you know how I feel day in and day out? You don’t… growing up I would get so jealous of little girls with a mom to spend time with…. to go to the beach… to get there nails done… to go shopping… I would give absolutely anything to just see my mom for 5 minutes. It just kills me how you had the audacity to call my mother a sponge on society and now you want to be somebody. I’m not here to bash you no matter how bad I want too I’m simply here to tell people how you didn’t do your job and my grieving mom mom had to do it for you. My life has changed tremendously… from not having my mom on every birthday, not having my mom for my first break up, not having my mom for teaching me how to drive, not having my mom encourage me to be the best I can be, not having my mom for graduation, not having my mom hold my hand when I got my ears pierced, not having my mom tell me she loves me and not have my mom kiss me everyday as I leave the house… I’ll never have this. People don’t know what they have until it’s gone and I wish I could go back and soak up every moment I had with her. I could only imagine how much faster my mom could’ve been found if you did your job. I’m sorry you didn’t find my mom worthy enough for your time and attention. My family and I thought she was more then worthy. 

6 thoughts on “Christine Sheddy’s Daughter Speaks For First Time Publicly About Her Mom

  1. I would put this in every news paper along with right on the news (wboc) no family of a murder victim should have to go through this. I knew her and she was a great person and to say the things about her that mike did was just wrong and now to try and change what he said because he knows he is wrong that’s the only reason he is threatening to sue because he wants them to keep quiet…I followed this story from beginning to end and I know that Lynn like any mother should did most of the work and didn’t stop or give up until Christine was found may she rip and the family now have closer and to Christine’s daughter good for you honey speak your mind your mom was way more then what that scum bag thinks and she loved all children


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