Letter To The Editor In Support Of Matt Crisafulli

Many people have asked me why I got involved and stuck my neck out regarding the Sheriff’s race. To be honest, there have been a couple of times I’ve asked myself the same thing. But I always go back to the day that I learned Mike McDermott was running for Sheriff. You see, I knew Matt Crisafulli since my children were little. He has always been there for my kids no matter what time of day or what the situation was. So I figured, heck yeah, Sheriff Reggie Mason endorsed him. He’s always been helpful to me and my kids. He’s got my vote! BUT I didn’t know who this other guy was. I knew I had the responsibility to myself and the community I love so much, to do my research so I can make an objective, informed decision. And so it began. My research. I had no clue the things I was about to learn. The more I learned the more immersed I became. That’s when I started asking questions. Good, intelligent, objective questions. I remind you, I never met Mike McDermott, but he came out in this campaign appearing to know he has what it takes to be Sheriff. Here are the things I didn’t know. I didn’t know Mike McDermott. I didn’t know Lynn Dodenhoff. I didn’t know about the Christine Sheddy murder case. I didn’t know if I asked this ‘experienced’ candidate a question regarding promises he made in the various Facebook post and videos, that I would get such condescending responses, and eventually blocked from his page. I didn’t know that the more I learned the bigger target I would become. I had no clue that someone who claims to be fair and experienced would eventually try to shut me up for stating the facts that I learned on my own. I didn’t know that I would eventually meet Lynn Dodenhoff. I didn’t know that she would become my friend and call ME, to check on ME, and ask if I was okay!?! For me, she is the one who had been crushed for all these years. I didn’t know she knew what Mike McDermott was capable of. But I know now! Although I had already known Matt Crisafulli and knew what a stand-up guy he truly is, I didn’t know he or anyone else for that matter, could have the DISCIPLINE and the FOCUS it takes to RUN AND MAINTAIN a CLEAN and POSITIVE Campaign, during what many have described as the ugliest Sheriff’s race in Worcester County history. I didn’t know that I could respect Matt Crisafulli any more than I already did. But man, I most certainly do! I was afraid I was going to be biased when I voted for our next Sheriff. But that day, many months ago, I made a commitment to MYSELF to make an objective, informed decision on this election. That is what I did. Throughout this process, time and time again, the two canidates I speak of have shown their TRUE CHARACTER through their ACTIONS and REACTIONS that brought me to this conclusion….. Beyond a shadow of a doubt Matt Crisafulli IS the RIGHT MAN to be OUR next Sheriff of Worcester County.


3 thoughts on “Letter To The Editor In Support Of Matt Crisafulli

  1. Several of my friends have been following the Sheriff race very closely. We have attended many of the candidate meet & greets. One thing that has confused us is that Scott Bernal has on his Facebook pages that he is a Deputy with Worcester County but he has not mentioned this at any speaking engagement. He also does not list it in his background that was in a few of the newspapers. Does anyone know if he is a Deputy?


  2. Freddie Howard solved the Sifrit case. If it wasn’t for him ID’ing the suspects at Hooters when it was burglarized the case would have gone unsolved. Freddie doesn’t boast because he was just doing his job. He had not made himself out to be a hero. Scott Bernal acts like he solved it single handily. Brett Case has just as much if not more involvement then Scott Bernal.

    I too have heard that he claims to be a Deputy Sheriff. Thank you Mr. Cymek for confirming that!

    Voters should fact check his self proclaimed credentials too. They will find he’s not all he claims to be.

    One final note. I attended the Womens Republican Dinner and Scott Bernal said he would not bad mouth any of the other candidates. Didn’t take long for him to show his true colors and bash other candidates. If he can’t keep a promise like that for a month how can anyone believe and trust him on any matter ???


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