ECI Problems Continue

The danger in ECI continues as it seems they are almost 150 Correctional Officers short. This staffing shortage is putting more lives in danger and a rally is scheduled shown below

A gathering of support will be held at the corner of Revells Neck Rd on Route 13 July 9th @ 4pm until we decide to clear out . Please come out and show your support for ECI employees various media groups will be present. It’s time to speak up and speak out to the public.


8 thoughts on “ECI Problems Continue

  1. And some people would actually like to see ECI expand and house more criminals. Just a matter of time before there is a major riot and escapees from that place.


  2. This situation can be solved real fast…..25 man SWAT team with AR-15’s and Rottweiler K-9’s… cell doors issue one command, no talking, no negotiations and no bargains! Get back in your cells or….pull the triggers and release the dogs, watch their asses run to those cells!!! RIGHTS, they forfeited them when they refused the command to lock down! NEXT ISSUE?


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