Slow Turnout

I have been all over to many different polling places, especially in Worcester county. Things have been slow but steady in most locations.

Got to talk to Kris Heiser and saw many others. It is a glorious day weather wise so no excuse not getting out and voting. Will keep you updated


13 thoughts on “Slow Turnout

  1. I voted in Pocomoke City a little after 10:00 am and had to wait 5 minutes for a space. It was not overly crowded but was not slow, either.


  2. So who will contact Worcester County Elections and notify them that Albero violated state election law by using photography equipment in a polling place, as demonstrated by his post of his ballot?


  3. It looked like more Democrats voted in the Wicomico County races. Those dumb Republicans better get out and voted in the General Election or they need to switch Parties to Democrats. Idiots!


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