Billy McDermott SMH


Billy McDermott wow, where to begin. Let me tell you something Billy is a great Prosecutor , I mean seriously.  Billy however is not a good leader or someone that can make the tough decisions when faced with the uncertainty of those actions. I had zero issues with Billy when I heard he was going to run for the States Attorney’s Office after Beau was chosen as judge, except one…his attachment to Mike McDermott. I was initially pissed that he did, but stepped back and realized I didn’t want my disdain of Mike to cloud my judgement regarding Billy who had never done anything bad toward me.

I talked to Billy and we had a great conversation where I told him as much, and we got to a good relationship place where we could talk . I continually encouraged Billy to distance himself from Mike and just run on his own merit, to which Billy was unwilling and unable to do. His ex Boss Beau had already made promises to Mike and Billy did not have the ability to say otherwise. When Billy made a video that he didn’t mention the dumb McDermott 1 2 punch nonsense, I sent him a text and told him I was proud of him for it and that is all he needed to do. Billy sadly couldn’t help it at this point, he had zero ability to be independent of Beau or Mike and this is what happened because of that.

I have already encouraged Wicomico County Interim State’s Attorney Jamie Dykes to try to hire Billy if he decides he can’t work with Kris Heiser because Wicomico would be even better if Billy was in that office. The dude as stated is a quality guy who got hooked up with the wrong bunch of people and didn’t listen to advice from everyone that told him otherwise. Some people don’t have what it takes to be leaders and make hard choices and sadly Bill McDermott is one of those people. Bill is best suited just being a Prosecutor .

Kris Heiser has a skill set that Billy sadly would have never possessed because of his long term involvement with the very people that cost him this election. Kris has all the attributes Billy is missing and she is an amazing Prosecutor so Worcester County you got an amazing upgrade.


6 thoughts on “Billy McDermott SMH

  1. Billy McDermott got where he is by sucking up to Beau Oglesby and tried to stay there by sucking up to Mike McDermott and BO Joe Albero. It didn’t work.


  2. Billy is actually a friend of mine, and I really wanted to vote for him… but because of he linked his campaign to Dirtbag Mike McDermott, I had no choice but to vote for Kris Heiser. I do think Billy would have won had he not linked himself to Mike’s sinking ship. It’s sad really… even the sharing of the same slogan came across as pompous since it was Mike’s slogan… hopefully Billy will learn and grow from this.


    1. Poor ASSBERO he won’t be getting out of tickets by his shithole swamp house they will be on the lookout for him coming from his fav shithole watering hole can’t wait till the cops tail his fat ass everywhere.


  3. Billy is a good guy, good prosecutor, but Kris deserved to win…she exhibited such class and decorum throughout her campaign, and was an amazingly gracious winner-I believe Worcester has gained a great asset! Of course, changing of the guard may involve some staffing changes-there really are some very good prosecutors in Worcester…I hope things are amicable even if some decide to leave, or are asked to leave. BEST OF LUCK KRIS!!! YOU WILL DO AMAZING THINGS IN WORCESTER! WELCOME HOME!


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