Kris Heiser Thanks Her Supporters

To the voters of Worcester County:

Thank you for putting your faith in me!! It’s been a long road since we started last October but hard work has paid off! The best part of this campaign was meeting so many wonderful people in our community. I will be forever grateful for every volunteer, every kind word, and all of the support along the way. This was truly a team effort! I am honored to serve as your next State’s Attorney.


4 thoughts on “Kris Heiser Thanks Her Supporters

  1. Knew from the start that you would win…you will be a credit to Worcester County-you are intelligent, tenacious, a genuinely caring person, and such a gracious winner! God Bless You Kris!


  2. John your sounding like a liberal idiot she is the “first female ” she got voted in because she has experience and is trusted let the liberal bs go.SMH


    1. Let me tell you something. You pulling this liberal bs card is why people give us real conservatives issues. Kris won this seat fair and square and was best candidate for the job. It is worth noting that she is the first female to win the office as it is something truly great to see..calm down and get your head out of liberal city all the time


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