Matt Crisafulli The Next Sheriff Of Worcester County

Early Voting Facebook Photo

This is the race that I have put the most time and attention to over the past year or more, and to get the results that I was looking for I just cannot even describe. I will have another post in regards to his opponent later, but this is about Matt.

Matt Crisafulli is an amazing guy and one I am more than proud of to call my Friend. Matt honestly ran one of the best campaigns I have ever seen. Matt never asked me to make any posts in regards to McDermott btw, that was me doing what I felt was the right thing to do to let people see the real side of his opponent. Matt stayed focused, he got his message out that he would be a real champion to all who needed help.

Worcester County you got yourself an amazing Sheriff, one that  you can be proud of and who will bring the Sheriff’s department into the future.


3 thoughts on “Matt Crisafulli The Next Sheriff Of Worcester County

  1. JT: Good job on helping Matt defeat McD. Maybe Worcester County will finally be rid of that pompous blowhard.


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