Mike McDermott..Hey Pompous Ass This Post Is For You


Well ,Well, Well. To say that I am relishing in your defeat would be the understatement of the year. Each race you have filed for since 2010 you have lost, get the point Mikey. You have treated people like trash, befriended scum like Joe Albero, called a murder victim a sponge, threatened to sue the family, made snide remarks about a first time voter and his peacock (which I believe is because it challenged your ability to strut around thinking everyone admired you)and generally been a gigantic pompous asshole for over a decade.

Told you before Mikey , the last time you lost that you needed to pack up and move on with your life or I would be there yet again to make sure you lost..and guess what 2nd time in a row you lost .Your political career is over and knowing that this weekend our show on Christine Sheddy we filmed for oxgen network will air makes this even sweeter. Christine Sheddy is the ultimate winner here Mike. Your decision to judge her as unworthy and a “sponge” was what fueled my desire to see you brought down. You treated Lynn like garbage and made her life a living hell for over 2 years because you had decided the case for everyone. You Never apologized to Lynn or her loved ones and friends

I relish in the defeat you just had even more than when you got beaten by Mathias, because the thought of you running the Sheriff’s department after your antics was far too much for me to accept. You are defeated Mikey and all those that you looked down upon , made sure they showed they had the power by making sure you didn’t get elected. You can now go spend more time with your best buddy Albero at his “pool hall” but at least this time if somebody gets murdered in the parking lot like happened last go around with an Albero run pool place, they can be assured a real Sheriff will investigate it correctly.




14 thoughts on “Mike McDermott..Hey Pompous Ass This Post Is For You


    He can get hired by ASSCLOWN as a bitch waitress at the stand up bar pool lounge lol I hope both of them SCUMBAGS get pulled for a DWI.

    Great job jt


  2. John
    Please do a post on how ANOTHER Supreme Court judge is retiring this year Dems are now on suicide watch.


  3. McDermott was arrogant when he was in public office. The man was so judgmental that it ruined his ability to investigate crimes while he was a detective. I also found him to be untruthful in many aspects of his campaign. He was Joey Blowholes boy. If you noticed both people endorsed by Mike Lewis lost I hope it is a sign of better things to come. Albero allowed on pro McDermott post on his blog. Well asswipe I think you hurt them more than helped them. Joe suck on that you loser. McDummy the people have spoken no one wants you in any public office. Your lack of effort in the Sheddy case is ONE example of your short comings.


    1. ASSCLOWN assbero is crickets on his boyfriend losing he is becoming as relivant as Maxine waters lololol


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