Bob Culver Blunders

As we now are heading into july and after the 4th we begin focusing on individual races, I wanted to give you a chance to help out by giving me Bibs blunders since he was elected.


18 thoughts on “Bob Culver Blunders

  1. I know you have a hard on for Culver, but I think he’s done a better job in the county, than Jake Day has done in the city by far. Jake’s a nice guy to talk to, but is clueless on how to run a municipality and has some pretty backwards liberal thinking.


    1. AWE. ALBUTTO has a hard-on for his buddy. See ASSBERO. Everything gets posted here. Even your dribble. Now go cut and paste from FOX NEWS.


    2. HHHUUUUMMMM whats he done, accounting errors covered up, hiring relatives to fill new created positions, hiring wives of friends, doesn’t keep Winterplace grass cut and trimming never done, alcohol at Civic Center…..damn he’s great! NOT You are right “little boy” Joe hes done far more than Mayor Day! County needs Jack Heath OR bring Rick back PDQ!


  2. JT,

    Putting the spotlight on this clown is appropriate and appreciated, but please do posts about his screw-ups, so folks don’t have to wade through the comments. Here are some items, and there are others:

    1. Multiple lawsuits against him, many for bad debt.

    2. County jobs for his kids, Albero’s wife and who knows what other persons.

    3. Numerous county budget errors and omissions — many corrected by the County Council.

    4. Special treatment for pals at the landfill — blocked by the County Council.

    5. Attempt to take title to the polluted property next to the ballfields on Naylor Mill Road as a “gift” — also blocked by the County Council.


  3. Culver screwed the employees and retires with changing their health benefits. Those of us who have worked for years (with low wages) for the county figured it would all work when we retired because of the health benefits that were offered to us when we took the job years and years ago. Then along came Culver and changed what was promised to us. I will never vote for him.


    1. Not one at will county employee will vote for him or either retiree or B.O.E employee this includes teachers. We never have cared for him. The only ones that will vote for him is department heads who are appointed and the sheriffs office because he fulfills there never ending list of wants and toys.


  4. 6:14,

    I don’t disagree with your point about the mess in Salisbury, but if Heath is elected, he would be dealing with a much different and better council. Joe Holloway, who is already on the next council, and if reelected as they should be, John Cannon, Larry Dodd and Marc Kilmer, would be a conservative and competent majority, even if the libbers McCain and Hastings are elected. Ernie Davis, who will probably be on the council, would probably not support any tax and spend nonsense.

    Mr. Taylor: Please do some posts promoting Cannon, Dodd and Kilmer, who we need to be watchdogs regardless of who is the next Wicomico exec.


    1. @ 5:45 PM, Good point.
      Heath doesn’t appear very motivated or energetic. Hopefully, he would just be a figurehead, whom a conservative county council would keep in check. It’s pretty sad to vote for someone on that basis; but at least it would rid us of Culver’s corruption and leave Albero to play Worcester County power broker. 🙂


  5. Granted Culver is unfit; but, the sad truth is that no one who would be any good would want the job.

    Jack Heath seems to be a nice guy; but his leadership role on the Salisbury City Council is very disappointing.

    JT, I know you have a blind spot, about the Salisbury City Government; but it is classic “tax and spend” for no return. Orange bikes. Main Street a mess. An amphitheater to look at dead bodies floating in the water.

    At least if I vote for Culver, I won’t be voting to raise my tax bill.


  6. 8:55,

    Whether Culver has done a better job that Day is meaningless since Day is not running against him. And if the County Council had not said no and controlled Culver’s many arrogant and absurd impulses, he would be much worse than Day, any day.

    You and everyone in Wicomico County better make sure that John Cannon, Marc Kilmer and Larry Dodd are reelected regardless who becomes the next county executive, especially if McCain and Hastings are elected to council seats.


  7. Jonathan,

    If you want help defeat Culver, please do these –

    1. Pick one of his opponents to support on this blog, and encourage the other to withdraw so they don’t split the anti-Culver vote and give him a second term as county exec.

    2. Do a series of detailed posts about each of his blunders, some of which are mentioned in other comments (such as his Station 13 shenanigan last year) like you used to do on your old blogsite.


  8. If Culver is no better at running Wicomico County, than he was at Culver Builders, we are in big trouble. Anybody that owns a home in Turtle Creek Subdivision , might wan’t to make sure Culver wasn’t the builder. He built some of the worst homes ever. Quality was not in his mindset.


  9. JT, I have some good news. The Civic Center moral committee is back in action. Since Linda was promoted from the tourism dept. to the big house she has been appointed to be in charge of all refreshments. That’s right, vodka for everybody!!!!! Also, the original idea was for them to meet at the Green Turtle, however since she has a key to the Elks Lodge, county roads is building a tunnel from the Civic Center to the Elks lodge. I don’t know if Frank is going to be in charge of tunnel construction or if Brian is coming back . Anyway, bottles up. And also, Mark you should go get a college degree (even if it’s from John Deere University) to justify that cushy job of yours. GO RED SOX, GO PARSONSBURG, GO VODKA, AND GO NATTY DADDY’S. Amen and God Bless.


  10. Mr JT, dis be lil jake again. I have heard thru the grapevines again that there is gonna be a new dockumentery on mr culver and his county soopervizors. It will show all of there bankrupsies and forclosed homes. I might not be the smartest worker for the county but at leest I don’t owe nobody nothin.


  11. looks like the county executive race is coming down to 5 people. Heath, civic center pam, civic center linda, deez nuts, and lil jake. I predict a close one but I think heath has got this one. Ruth Ann said she is considering joining the race because she is sick of being forced to wear steel toed boots everyday. this is gonna be interesting.


  12. I’m definitely voting for deez nuts. sure he’s been arrested a few times but he has always respected his mother. he would respect his father if he had any idea who his father is.


  13. deez nutts has hired his brother to be his campaign manager. his name is m. r. nutts. his oldest brother will be a spokesman, he goes by the name big nutts. his mother is lending a helping hand, her name is nola nutts. his father goes by the nickname of slim nutts. all the nutts are here to serve Wicomico county.


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