Worcester County Voters Disband Good Ol Boy Network


One aspect that many people may not realize came to fruition after last weeks’s election, was the clear cut sign from the Worcester County voters that they wanted an end to the good ol boy network. This ended the 8 year run of the Beau Oglesby cronies group. People really need to be proud of finally breaking up the monopoly of power that had formed when Beau Oglesby was elected as State’s Attorney in 2010.

Beau had better be glad that Governor Hogan selected him for that empty judge chair, because by this voting last week, he would have been toast. For the citizens to put someone like Kris Heiser in that seat will be an amazing thing to see, and one Worcester County will be proud of.


5 thoughts on “Worcester County Voters Disband Good Ol Boy Network

    1. Here we go bringing Joe Albero into a topic he has nothing to do with. And you allow it, JT. So tell me , 11:37, what elected position or politically appointed position do you want Albero out of? Hint: there ain’t one! By intersecting him into every conversation on every subject you give him reverence and power..


  1. Kris is a highly competent, highly intelligent person-she will make a fantastic State’s Attorney for Worcester. To top it all off, she is truly a nice person-Worcester WON with her!


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