Great Job Salisbury


10 thoughts on “Great Job Salisbury

  1. That’s a lot of money. Great job. Across the country we have cities and counties making money off of scrap metal and cardboard. Enough to buy a piece of new equipment every year.


    1. Dude what are you talking about?? “a lot of money” 5 tons of cardboard sells for between $50-100 so it’s a net loss of money. – not only that, Salisbury doesn’t sell it’s cardboard, it gives it to Wicomico County for processing.


      1. Nice try JACKASS. We aren’t talking about your FREAKING beer cans douchebag. Research know NOTHING. Might learn something. Must be another Delmar turd who believes everything they hear but NEVER looks it up .


      2. Actually if you take a 30yd can which holds 14 bails of cardboard you get around 600 bucks for the load. Depending on the price mind you. Metal get around 300bucks. Again all about the price. But you’ll get this on average 75℅of the time. The company I work for gets 70 grand a year just in cardboard. We have purchased 2 new roll-off and a backhoe. That’s roughly 100 thousand a piece in five years. ALL RECYCLE. NOT TAXES. NOT FEES.


    1. AHHHH. The bleeding heart of inmates. But you could care less when they are beating your ass. STEALING from you. Uh?? Look in the dictionary for FREAKING IDIOT. There’s your picture!!


  2. Slave labor?? Wow. ANOTHER person who does nothing but take. Never served the country in ANY way except to stand at the mailbox monthly. Sounds like you’ve got personal experience in the bailing of cardboard. I hope you have many more. Lowlife jackal.


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