Wicomico County States Attorney Press Release


10 thoughts on “Wicomico County States Attorney Press Release

  1. If Culver would have actually sent off the drug tests from rec and parks a couple months ago there would only be a few workers left. those guys would have blown the lid off any test. instead, culver fired steve and let everybody else off the hook. when one of those fools driving a county truck kills somebody there will be a heavy price to pay. all county employees should be tested regularly and I promise you there will be a lot of job openings. i’m tired of working around drunks and druggies. I’ve seen coworkers drinking and smoking weed while on the clock numerous times and I’ve about had enough.


    1. Dude ! Get a life. Leave our department alone. The bad apples are long gone and we are stressed enough with the heat getting ready for USSSA and already under man powered. If you would like to help in body rather than in a lying text please feel free to come on out starting 7/12/18. And H.R. done there job as they should and done it correctly so just come on out and give us a hand.


  2. i’m with 429, I work at the civic center and I see many drunk or drugged workers. the inmates that show up on the bus in the mornings are much more reliable


    1. All rec and parks workers are voting for Culver. He has provided us with salary increases and some new equipment with more coming.It really is a good time in our department.


  3. I was a inmate what did work at the civic center. It was chairs, pipes and drapes, etc. About half of the people that worked there was drunk. There was one convict they hired who talked about getting windows tinted in PA all the time and I think he was selling drugs to them.


  4. We got a 2 percent raise while our health insurance goes up, you can try blowing that bullshit up somebodys ass but not mine. And while I’m at it why did ed get turned down as program director because he didn’t have a college degree but mackes allowed someone get a nice cushy job in mgt even though he doesn’t have a degree. JUST ASKING. GO JOHN DEERE.


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