Crisfield Police Press Release


On July 3rd, 2018 @ 2200 hours Cpl. Mark Hoover and PFC Charles Sermon of the Crisfield Police Department conducted a traffic stop on a 2013 red in color, Chevrolet Aveo vehicle which had committed several traffic violations
on Myrtle Lane. As they approached the vehicle the occupant exited his vehicle very hastily and Cpl. Hoover observed Keyon Honesty who has been arrested several times by the Crisfield Police Department before. When Honesty was approached he immediately pushed
the officer and a scuffle ensued between the officers and Honesty. As he was resisting arrest he fought the officers and was trying to escape when he was tased by the officers so that they could gain control. Subsequently arrested located on Honesty’s person
was a large amount of Narcotics indicative of Distribution of Narcotics. Honesty had multiple clear plastic baggies in his pants pocket one containing approximately (30) pieces of crack cocaine) additional (2) baggies of an off white powdery substance in a
plastic baggie (possibly Heroin) sent to lab for analysis and another baggie containing marijuana. A probable cause search of the vehicle revealed a clear plastic baggie containing a clear crystallized substance and a baggie containing Pfizer PGN 300 capsules
(Lyrica / Pain pills/ located in the driver’s compartment. Seized as evidence was the Chevrolet Aveo and iPhone from Honesty. Honesty was taken to McCready Hospital and released to the custody of the officers with no injuries.

Honesty was charged accordingly with the following offenses.

Traffic Violations:

Driving a vehicle in excess of a reasonable and prudent speed on a highway

Failure to display Registration card upon demand of an officer

Driving without a driver’s license

Driving on a Suspended license

Fleeing & Eluding a police officer

Failure to attend DIP

And (6) additional traffic charges

Criminal Violations

CDS Possession w/I to Distribute

CDS possession not Marijuana

CDS possession of paraphernalia

Resisting Arrest

Obstructing & Hindering Law Enforcement

Failure to obey a lawful order of a police officer

Disturbing the peace

Disorderly conduct

Assault on a Police Officer 2nd Degree

Court Commissioner placed a $10,000 bond on Honesty

Chief Michael Tabor

Crisfield Police Department


19 thoughts on “Crisfield Police Press Release

  1. pooooor little black criminal and of course they can do no Wrong bc there black and have been OPPRESSED by the Man…..

    Free housing
    Free food
    Free electric
    Free cell
    Free healthcare



  2. He shouldn’t be out on the street to start with. He is a career criminal that has an extensive criminal record. Thanks to Somerset County politics he’s out on the street selling drugs and fighting with the police.


    1. DAG,

      Shorty be goin away a long time ….

      Bubba will make him his wife in jail

      Don’t forget to bring your Vaseline Bro…..
      Bubba don’t want you screaming for the c.o. if it hurts….

      Than, after Bubba busts you open, when you get out….you can hide a shotgun up your butt too.


    1. Give it to us if you have anything positive. What the heck is that on the shirt. He signifying or what. Looks like somebody has given him cauliflower ear, be better of not to scrap.


  3. Numerous prior charges, out on bond and awaiting trial on another CDS case, awaiting trial on a violation of probation, fleeing and resisting with a large quantity of CDS, and he only gets a $10,000 bond. He’ll bond out and be on the run again. Sooner or later, someone will get hurt.


    1. Thank the Justice Reinvestment Act for the low bond…biggest piece of garbage legislation ever! Judges, prosecutors, commissioners all hate it…only defense attorneys like it


      1. Obastard Approved to keep black thugs out on prison AKA REPERATIONS Trump needs to REVERSE IT ASAP.


  4. Do you ever publish any positive information, especially from the community of the people of color?

    How is this for you. I am white (color), born, raised in that area. Get this, never had the occasion to be arrested. Why you “axe”? Well I didn’t do anything to be arrested for. I’m not well educated, but have enough sense to not be locked up behind bars. It’s called freedom and I like it. Freedom is not free they say, you pay the price by being a law abiding, productive citizen. Happy 4th of July! ( Independence Day ).


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