Parenting Class Please Attend Stop Ignorant Children



3 thoughts on “Parenting Class Please Attend Stop Ignorant Children

  1. Won’t do any good. They learn how to become RACIST and BIGOTS from their church, clubs, and Neighborhood. But if you ask them what the problem is they cry we need more money. We need more things for the kids. All BS.


  2. It’s not the kids. It’s the parents. In my neighborhood kids play at the next door neighbor house. I heard one girl tell another one “YOU TALKING WHITE”. I thought WTF. That kid didn’t learn that from anyone but their parents. THATS THE PROBLEM. Sick and tired of hearing “ITS FOR THE CHILDREN’. It’s all BS. The parents are the problem. They teach the kids how to be animals because they are. Why do you think people send their to private school. The kids act, behave, and learn better. Instead of learning from the public know NOTHING but cater to minorities school system.


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