Its Official Matt Crisafulli Is The New Sheriff In Worcester County

Since I filed my candidacy on February 28, 2017 I have said that the voters would be the ones to have the final say on who will be the next Sheriff of Worcester County. The people have spoken, their message has been heard and that message is clear.

Today the Worcester County Board of Elections counted every last eligible vote. I am proud, privileged and honored to announce that I will serve as YOUR next Sheriff of Worcester County.

Thank you to all my family, friends, supporters, volunteers and my campaign team. This would have not been possible without your help.

I look forward to working with all employees of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, FOP Lodge #50, the Worcester County Commissioners, the Board of Education, all allied agencies, all local businesses and most importantly the citizens.

Together WE will make Worcester County, our county, the best and safest place to live, work, visit and do business in!



13 thoughts on “Its Official Matt Crisafulli Is The New Sheriff In Worcester County

  1. There were not enough absentee ballots to make a difference with Matt winning-he had it from the start.


  2. I’m glad Matt won! Couldn’t stand the thought of working under that pompous ass for the next 4 years. October can’t come fast enough for him to leave!


  3. If the Albero defender is out there….go ask little man this question? Why is he reporting Ocean City was dead this past week….put up an article saying he doesn’t post other comments because he prints “the truth” biggest damn lie yet! My post to him which was DELETED why not encourage your readers to go to “Ocean City Live Webcams” and let the folks decide…the live cams show folks everywhere!!! Parking lot at inlet full. He’s so full of his little self he would rather lie, knowing some are smarter than he and call him out yet still won’t admit a lie!!! This is probably part of the reason so many “thinking” people bash him! Wouldn’t have to go through JT and his fine blog IF THE LITTLE SHIT would be factual and post ALL COMMENTS!!


      1. LOL You are EXACTLY right again JT…’s always someone else’s fault that he can not run a business or get elected!!! Then throw Culver’s business greatness in the mix and you have a double whammy!!!!


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