Salisbury Man Killed In Freak Accident In Montgomery County

HYATTSTOWN, Md.) – Maryland State Police are investigating the death of a tractor-trailer driver that occurred this morning in Montgomery County.

At approximately 11:30 a.m. this morning, a trooper with the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division at the Hyattstown weigh station placed the victim’s tractor-trailer out of service for brake violations. The vehicle was placed in the out-of-service lot at the facility.

Based on a preliminary investigation, the driver was attempting to make the necessary brake adjustments but had failed to engage the parking brake on the vehicle. As the driver was under the truck, it rolled back and over the driver. The driver was declared deceased at the scene.

The victim has been identified as James Lee Hobbs, 58, of Salisbury, Md. No one else was injured as a result of this incident.

The incident remains under investigation.


27 thoughts on “Salisbury Man Killed In Freak Accident In Montgomery County

    1. No. Not dirty. These cops love to play the game. Many times the have what they call”The Blue light special”. Every truck gets pulled in to have their breaks checked. Every truck has the brake’s out of adjustment. That’s a 75 dollar fine. Everyone knows you can adjust the brakes all you want. Once they are used they AGAIN are out of adjustment. I would LOVE to see the report as to how far out of adjustment they were. Especially when it causes someone to lose their life.


      1. So some Penis Breath Dick Head is trying to blame this loss of life on the State Police for doing their job?? Guess what Dumb Ass, this guy died because of operator error. He didn’t lock the breaks not did he put in place wheel chaulks. Stupid is as stupid does, but I am very sorry a life was lost. RIP, Sir.


      2. ANONYMOUS said…
        The lack of safety precautions on his part cost him his life, not an inspection. Seriously. SMH.

        July 7, 2018 at 10:15 am

        You are 100% correct. He was probably in a hurry to get back on the road and/or get back home.

        Sad, but it’s reality. Slow down and take your time.


  1. Troopers are a bunch of frustrated wanna be cops they couldn’t pass a FBI test or A NYPD Academy of there Miserable life depended on it that trucker had kids and grandkids kids POS.


  2. I know Mr. Hobbs, and this does not sound like a mistake he would make. Maybe he was in a big hurry? Setting the brakes is as easy as releasing the air to the brakes in the cab.


  3. 1245
    If it was driver error and the MSP obviously seen it bc he was called out on it WHY did the part time traffic agent allow him to go under the vehicle to do repairs ? Let me guess the Nazi Trooper didn’t see it bc he was busy writing another working joe a ticket This targeting of working People is getting old troopers are frustrated rejects who couldn’t pass a sanitation test or a real job like the FBI.


    1. Fuck You Criminal Cop Hater! Just because you are one of those Black Lives Matter/Showing Up For Racial Justice/Social Justice Warriors will never change the fact that this guy did something wrong and all the cops were doing was pulling him off the road to make the old antiquated truck safe for my children and others to be on the highways safely. He might have been a good African-Americanball player but he made a mistake. Those parking areas are not work shops and shouldn’t be so the fact remains the same. Your man fucked up and the MSP were right again. Get a life you black Douche Bag! Next time try obeying the law and then you won’t have to worry about getting arrested.


  4. I love how some morons post here about NOTHING they know about. Cops do play games when it comes to the DOT!! But of course some FREAKING MORON who’s never driven s truck other than his pick up KNOWS IT ALL. FREAKING RETARDED HILLBILLY. I’ve seen DOT play all sorts of games just to get some money out of you.


    1. I’ve been driving trucks for the last 25 years so I know WTF I am talking about. Take your ghetto, shorebilly a$$ out of here with your illiterate ebonics talk!


  5. I remember Mr. Hobbs used to tell me, “They (the state police) will target a working man driving a truck and stop him for any frivolous thing, but let a man towing a boat or an RV down the road do whatever he wants.” I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s what he said when he delivered triaxle loads of sand to my house.


    1. How about the BLACKS who drive around by the Salisbury dump with LOADS of garbage 10 ft high dropping garbage all over the play Troopers are low lowest of the low in enforcement.


  6. Truck or trailer spring air brakes can only be adjusted with the air pressure over 90 psi and the brakes released. The steer axle is the only brakes that can be adjusted without the brakes released.


  7. Prayers to his Dad and family. Very sorry to here of this, I remember his grandfather and father working out of Fruitland. Very sad, hard working family and good community people. R.I.P.


  8. I had a MSP DOT TROOPER pull me over for a loose strap. Wasn’t off. Wasn’t dragging the ground. Just a little looser than the rest. No danger of anything happening. Gave me a 75 dollar ticket. It was my birthday no less. He hands me the ticket and says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. TROOPER LAMBERT out of Berlin. Real professional there.


      1. That’s y they get Zero respect bc they are the scum of enforcement lower than a Correction officer.


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