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17 thoughts on “Support ECI Rally Information

  1. In most cases like this it’s a leadership problem. Like any other organization if you have weak leaders you have a weak organization. Clean house. If you’ve been there for 20 years?? IT’S TIME TO GO. If your a corrections officer and you have more friends as prisoners your watching over?? IT’S TIME TO GO!! If your a supervisor and you reprimand a guard for doing his job over a buddy INMATE of yours?? IT’S TIME TO GO!! If you use AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to hire correction officers?? IT’S TIME TO GO!! When you begin to sympathize with prisoners over your fellow guards?? ITS TIME TO GO!!!


    1. WRONG
      It’s lack of participation from the union and the membership bc the union allowed that a employees could be fired for protesting it also is HOGANS fault for not doing anything either with the low employee hire rate this is bc they have a FIVE HOUR like detector test ?????? They don’t want to hire people bc they want to Privatize the system but they are going to get a CO killed like what happened in Smyrna 3 yrs ago.


  2. Their going to have riot-police out there arresting people. Don’t go unless you want to be on the other side of the cage and stay at work 24/7 without getting paid!!!


      1. Look man I gots my sailfoam paid fer, I gots like 15 noodles each week no charge, why would I want to mess wiff u?????


  3. Meet me out there. I will be grilling and selling hotdogs $2.75 hamburgers $5 to benefit the VFW. Be great to see all my old friends.


  4. Get rid of the union and get rid of MSP hiring practices. Most employees who work there now couldn’t pass a polygraph test, why require new hires.


    1. Like MSP. If your family has pull. Or granddaddy is a judge you get the position. But in this case. If your black and AFFIRMATIVE ACTION your golden. Like ANYTHING else in government. LOWER STANDARDS. LOWER EMPLOYEES. You poor LIBUTARDS can bitch and scream all you want. It’s the truth. Half the employees should be in ECU themselves. FACT. As long as they are union. NOTHING will change. Look at the teachers union. Yet people in Maryland are asking what the problem is with our schools??? LOOK AT THE POLICIES, POLITICIANS, AND UNIONS. Unions and the democrats used to be for the WORKING MAN. NOW THEY ARE FOR THE WELFARE MAN!!!


    2. THEY don’t want to hire people that’s why there is a 5 he polygraph test NOT even the FBI has that it’s about privatizing it and the Union has MO BALLS BECAUSE THE CORRECTION OFFICERS DON’T HAVE ANY EITHER then they will complain when one of them gets murdered like what happened on Smyrna de SMH X 100. Then it’s too LATE. You’re supposed to be PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE.


  5. What’s the polygraph test? I heard they ask you what kind of internet porn you have watched. I’m being serious.


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