Crab Dumping Intrigue In Somerset County


18 thoughts on “Crab Dumping Intrigue In Somerset County

  1. They should stop commercial crabbing in that entire area for a couple years. Not only would it let the crab population come back but it would put idiots like that out of business. People would do without or start pleasure crabbing again.


  2. Just a thought-were they the DEAD crabs that are not allowed to be sold–if they had been alive when dumped they would have crawled away!


  3. I have an idea. DON’T BUY CRABS. It’s a shame we have such POS people in this world who’d rather dump instead of sell. FREAKING DELUSIONAL and GREEDY ASSHOLES. I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER CRAB THIS YEAR. I HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS.


  4. Tell you what – why not stop the assumptions UNTIL the facts are known. What’s with all the hatred spewing forth, without factual information of why the crabs are in a piles. Guessing is a game not related to the the real story


    1. Awwwwwww
      Even if that is true there still is a VIOLATION for dumping which cause flies maggots Rat’s ect ect
      So why don’t you volunteer you snowflake cupcake ass and go remove them.


  5. WHERE Is DNR ??????????
    Shit I get a Tix if a fish is a quarter inch over the size but these assholes haven’t started a investigation on this ?
    And by the way we’re is WBOC WMDT on this ??? Too busy covering house fires and Delaware traffic bunch of clueless pt journalists


  6. only the wealthy and the poor can afford steamed crabs – EBT cards are wonderful for buying jumbos. the rest of us are out of luck


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