Billy McDermott Not Being Cooperative In Transfer Of Worcester County State’s Attorney Office

I am more than disgusted and disappointed to hear that Billy McDermott is being totally uncooperative in the transition for the newly elected Worcester County State’s Attorney Kris Heiser. Billy who has stated he cares so deeply for the people of Worcester County during the primary cycle has now started acting like a jilted child who won’t begin the process of letting the newly elected States Attorney get to work by swearing her in as Deputy so she can learn the workings of the Office she will be running in a short period of time.

The people of Worcester County should be outraged at this whether you voted for Kris or not. That Office is not Bill McDermott’s or Beau Oglesby’s it is the Office of the people of Worcester County and Bill needs to man up and do the right thing now. The people deserve better


18 thoughts on “Billy McDermott Not Being Cooperative In Transfer Of Worcester County State’s Attorney Office

  1. If this is true, I have lost all respect for Billy. I started doubting him the day he linked his campaign to dirtbag Mike McDermott’s. If this is true, it should be front page news.


  2. I hope this isnt true. Billy is a good guy and I would hope he would put others before self. Time to pull up you big girl panties and do whats right as the gentleman I know you to be.


  3. He should at the least, have her at the office so there can be a smooth transition-not to mention that this could cause hostilities-if he wants to try to save his staff he should cooperate!!!


  4. The newly elected State’s Attorney does not take office until January 2019. Why should the current State’s Attorney let her take over the office 6 months early? Since when do elected officials abdicate their positions before they expire. Heiser is just grandstanding.


    1. He’s only the ad interim state’s attorney, not an elected official. It’s in poor taste for him to not sappoint her deputy or step down at this point. Last I looked her hadn’t even thanked his supporters on his fb election page.


  5. It is a courtesy that the current states attorney swears in the elected states attorney as a deputy states attorney. This insures a seamless transition. Isnt that what you want the citizens of Worcester county to have. I disagree with you 11:16. Ms Heiser has said nothing. We all know JT has informants. So lets not play the blame game.


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