ECI Rally Aerial Video

Please note this was at start of rally


8 thoughts on “ECI Rally Aerial Video

  1. Wasting your time
    Democrats run that jail from ANNAPOLIS
    Only thing that may work
    Is voting the Democrats out of office


  2. AFSCUM isn’t a union. It’s a piggy bank for the democrats. Everyone who wants a state job must join this SHAKE DOWN organization. They do nothing but take money out of your check twice a month. Look at who runs the Union. Look at your local leaders. Go to a meeting a try to vote for a new Steward see what happens.


  3. I’m sorry, but this helps nothing. And who is the jerk in the white car parked blocking a traffic lane. No way you will find me standing on a highway shoulder holding a sign. They should be protesting in Annapolis in front of the governors offices, not in the middle on NOWHERE


  4. The union doesn’t care, they should be fighting your loss of prescription insurance at age 65. They don’t care!!!!!!!


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