Monica Snee Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison


17 thoughts on “Monica Snee Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

  1. My aunt will be out next year, already having time served, she will only do 1 1/2yrs so you all don’t know jack. So let her live her life.


      1. Glad you spent time talking about everyone making fun of her. Makes me smile. She’s locked up and you chose us to speak about! Next time tell her we said hi we will honk when driving by!


    1. she won’t have much of a “life” after that with the community not being able to stand this scum. What about the lives of people that may have OD’d? She’ll be jobless and have zero friends. She feed you the same koolaid she was selling?

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      1. 12:55 you are stupid she has lots of friends and as far as jobless plans are already in the making because she has money to start her own business AND YES LEGAL before you say something stupid again


      2. Thank the Asshole Obama for Allowing REPERATIONS release to his PEEPS but when the Civil war starts they will be dealt with.


      3. annnnd i bet everyone will line up to support her “business” hahahaha. They took money from her accounts. You saying you know of more and are harboring evidence??? uh ohhhhh…
        “you are stupid”…ouch…you obviously were in her class as well as related?


  2. Wow there’s drug dealers of color that get more time than that for less amts. Now you tell me if this isn’t a slap in the face and on the back. She will be out in less than a year betcha. Out working with kids again putting their lives in danger. No felony on her record! I feel the state has let the kids down. These teachers selling drugs in and on school grounds Wicomico and Somerset County. Bonnie Crockett got off scott free as well. This is sending the wrong messages to the kids. I can sell drugs and will get away with it. It’s okay to sell drugs in school is the message they will get.

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