USSSA Eastern National Championship arrives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

USSSA Eastern National Championship arrives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Salisbury, MD – Approximately 5,500 softball players will make their way to the lower Eastern
Shore over the next three weeks for the United States Specialty Sports Association’s (USSSA) Eastern National Championship.

This year’s Eastern National Championship runs from July 11-28. The event draws nearly 370 girls’ softball teams from 16 states to the region. States represented include Colorado,
Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia.

The Eastern National Championship is divided into three tournament weeks:

Week 1: July 11-15 – 10U Open, 12U Open

Week 2: July 17-22 – 14U Open, 14U B

Week 3: July 23-28 – 16U Open, 18U Open, 18U B
*’U’ abbreviation for under.

*’U’ abbreviation for under.

Week 1 of the event brings 95 teams to Delmarva. The tournament schedule, brackets and results can be found online at

The opening ceremony for Week 1 will be held this evening at 5 p.m. at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium. Media is welcome to attend. Tournament play begins on Thursday.


9 thoughts on “USSSA Eastern National Championship arrives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

  1. I’m sure this is really a huge deal for this county. No doubt about that, with that being said why wouldn’t the county put some money into the fields. I see there are new fields with carpet infields but all of the outfields are horrible. The outfielders now wear catcher masks so that they can keep their teeth. I’m talking about the Parker complex, I thought this place was supposed to be the best place in the county, if it is I surely am not looking forward to seeing the other parks we play in.


  2. There is no way that place could be worse than the field we played on today. Winterplace park really really needs to be hosed down. Our players are going to have breathing problems due to inhaling infield dirt. WATER THE FIELD PLEASE.


  3. I hear they lost nearly 50 teams this year for this event. The addition was not well planned. Portable toilets to fill the void of walking a mile. Parking lot terribly dusty as well as the surroundings. One way in and one way out with lots of congestion. Lots of problems need looking at.


  4. Steve Miller could care less about the conditions of the fields. He is just a overpaid public relations speaker for Recreation and Parks spending most his day reading the blogs finding out the truth rather than doing the job he was hired to do.


  5. JT, the new fields(artificial turf) have many rips in the rugs. They are less than a year old and when spikes get caught in the cracks injuries will be numerous. The older fields at the complex are horrible too. Infields are harder than a highway and outfields are 80% weeds and 20% dirt. It’s gonna be sad when Wicomico County loses this event but it’s bound to happen. Even though Andy Wisk has ties to this area he won’t be able to overlook the fact that teams are complaining about very poor playing conditions and there are plenty of other venues. Many people are extremely disappointed. I don’t know who is in charge of field maintenance but Mr. Culver should be asking questions before it’s too late.


  6. 6.31. This is what happens when you appoint someone with no experience in planning and foresight of growth. Like someone said Miller is just a P.R. mouthpiece. The majority of local people that are in the know wishes he would just move back to Rhode Island.


  7. I hear Ken And Frank are trying to figure out who is talking about them on this blog. First of all the county should investigate sticky fingers and send frank to personal hygiene school. After that send them over to the Civic Center so they can investigate this issue. We can call em Kojak and Columbo. Also give these two fools a drug test.


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