ECI Crisis Where Do We Place The Blame?

The crisis of staffing shortages at ECI and concerns for correctional officer safety at the facility have become front page news for the area. While many are finally coming together to try to solve the problems, my question is how did we get to this point in time? Is there a particular person,thing or society that has led us here


14 thoughts on “ECI Crisis Where Do We Place The Blame?

  1. Union, employees either have to pay and be in union or they had to pay an administrative fee, so what did the union do with all that money. They donated to Democratic party to maintain collective bargaining when O’Mally was in office. Time to hold them accountable for taking all that money and not doing anything for the staff. (Thanks to the recent supreme court decsion, that will soon change)

    Now the state is after our benifits, you now lose your prescription benefits at age 65. Many will not understand this until it really affects them. So what did the union do? Nothing!!!! So what’s next to be taken away?

    Where has your union been??????? They’ll tell what they’ve done, but that’s all it is talk.


    1. if you’re not working, the state shouldn’t be responsible for your benefits. That’s the way it works in the real world.


  2. 9:03 what you don’t understand is the state promised state employees a certain benefit package to recruit people into a low paying job with benefits rather then pay. This was how the stated recruited. Since prisons were less safe based on design and low staffing, benefits are what attracted people to work in a dangerous profession. I hope your comment was based on inexperience and jealousy rather then stupidity. I guarantee that people on state assistant make more then those who are retired and worked for a living. Especially those who retired prior to 2000. Would you rather we draw on welfare and state medical assistance. Remember we paid into our penison, welfare recipients didnt. Hopefully this was an educational moment for you.


  3. Why would any person want to be locked inside any facility with the dregs of society on a daily basis? Why would they do that kind of work for low compensation?


  4. 3:08 true, when there are so many other jobs in Somerset county that pay over $35,000 to start with 20 year retirement and PTO.


  5. It’s there retired State Trooper who designated a 5 hour polygraph test that blows everybody out of the water for that job at ECI during screening

    Unless you were convicted of a crime and or cannot pass the piss test….you should be allowed to work at ECI..

    But this trooper is a Roman god in his own mind….now the facility suffers from lack of staff


      1. Probably because there is a lower hiring standard, most CO’s can’t pass PT test and have no ethics.


  6. A broken legal system created the problem. ECI is permanently overcrowded. Inmates are rewarded for tolerating this by cutting their time served in half. But having twice the number of inmates the facility was designed for obviously is going to create security problems.


  7. Another sad fact that doesn’t help your cause, look at number of officers who have been charged and convicted of criminal charges who work there. See something, say something, quit covering for them. Time to clean house.


  8. If you cannot pass the required polygraph then you do not have any business working there, or in any other correctional facility. Perhaps you should have made better choices earlier in your life.


    1. 808

      Polygraph is an unproven science
      One reason it is not allowed in court
      Polygraphs are controlled by the person controlling it

      You can show your a liar by using your own name….as you….
      you say who you are…they say you are lying

      what a fuckin joke Polygraphs are and that asshole retired trooper in DOC adminstering that worthless test


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