Racism & Coping Discussions

The Racism & Coping Research Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at Salisbury University led by Dr. Yuki Okubo is conducting a qualitative research study on how people decide and engage in a race dialogue, a one-on-one discussion on race, racism, and racial discrimination with people in their lives. If you have experienced wanting to have a discussion with someone in your life on these issues, or have had such discussions, we would like to interview you. We ask that you allot about 2 and half hours to ensure we have plenty of time for the interview at the Salisbury University campus and it will be recorded for transcription and data- analysis purposes. $30 will be provided as a token of appreciation for participation.

If you have questions or would like to participate, please contact Racism & Coping Lab at racism.and.coping@gmail.com

Thank you,
Racism & Coping Research Laboratory
Department of Psychology
Salisbury University


19 thoughts on “Racism & Coping Discussions

    1. Gee. ANOTHER (cough) racism course. More poor little blacks get no respect. They can’t get no job. Can’t get no education. Can’t get nothing because they black. Please. Enough already.
      Blacks are doctors, lawyers, and Indian chiefs in today’s world. Yet they still cry RACISM. They were given a government program (AFFIRMATIVE ACTION) that gave them yet more advantage for getting a job over more qualified applicants. Yet they still cry RACISM. They have the black congressional caucus . No white congressional caucus. Imagine that?? The have the black MSP association. No white MSP association. IMAGINE THAT?? Yet they still cry RACISM.
      The African American is the only race that is given Every advantage to advance . Yet they still cry RACISM. You had the Irish. Polish, German, Mexican. Cuban.ect. Have overcome hardships as well and succeeded without government assistance. Hell if you look at history. The Irish were the first slave’s but they don’t want to talk about that. IMAGINE THAT. Now they want WHITES to degrade and disrespect themselves for being WHITE. How FREAKING STUPID have these POS Whites become?? To allow your heritage to be degraded for another. ISN’T that RACIST?? F**K YEAH. Anyone who participates in this must be utterly DELUSIONAL.


      1. Blacks ….for the most part…..are always looking for hand outs and a reason not to have to work…

        Now, we have illegals doing the same thing

        TAX PAYER hand outs

        That’s how Democrats get elected…..providing hand outs


  1. If you get welfare, you should not be able to vote… you are just voting for yourself to get more money… voting should be for those not being paid by the government. No wonder so many dems get elected. You would elect me too if I gave you free $$ all the time.


  2. WOW. Who knew that people from Delmar act black when their white. More little Queens allowing themselves to be degraded like the little bitches they are.


    1. 613

      In the black man’s world
      A white chick loving on a Homey is called a Redbone

      We stripped searched plenty of Homeys who committed crimes
      Don’t feed into that theory about their dicks either
      Bunch of bullshit….

      .I saw plenty of Homeys with little thumb dicks during searches


      1. A redbone is a mulatto who has so much white blood that he/she has reddish indian looking skin. The next grade up is hi-yeller which is yellow south Asian looking skin. I listen to the one-drop rule which states that any amount of Afrikan in a person makes them black and all that it implies.


  3. 11:04 WTF are you talking about?? WTF are you talking about dicks??? Thanks for the street slang but nobody cares. Especially about a dick size on a man. GEESH. Try to stay in topic.


  4. Looks like the racist are trying to spread more racism because of ole whitey. Whitey keeps holding the thugs down who want to get an education and find a good job. Shame on you Mr. White and your White Privilege.


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