Billy McDermott Update


Well you never know who you will run into post primary, and yesterday at Tawes I ran into Billy McDermott who just lost his bid to be Worcester County State’s Attorney. I knew Billy wasn’t overly thrilled to see me, but I have never given a shit about that as I went right up to him. I told Billy that I hated to say I told you so, but ..I told ya so. I said Billy if you hadn’t been so cocky that Mike McDermott would crush Matt Crisafulli you would have thought better than to hitch your ride with him. He basically told Matt Crisafulli supporters prior to entering the election booth to not vote for him by doing the ignorant McDermott 1 , 2 punch nonsense.  Billy as stated really is not a good politician and is better suited to just prosecuting cases.

Billy mentioned he had read my article about not inviting Kris Heiser in after she won, and stated it wasn’t fair because he didn’t have any room for her and didn’t want to fire anyone to make room for her. I called BS as if he really wanted to he could make room for her, but obviously he doesn’t want Kris in there at all until the day she is sworn in, which I find childish no matter what he says. I also noted to Billy that multiple people had reached out to him after his loss and Billy had ignored everyone of them. Billy of course had a reason why he hadn’t taken 1 minute in 22 days to respond to people , but again personally I feel its bs and his bitterness.

Billy of course will deny he is bitter, or angry as he always does. Personally I think Billy is a good dude, but as stated is a terrible politician. Personally Billy should resign and let his Deputy help Kris learn the Office if he has no room. After all the people of Worcester County fired him. I believe Billy will be hired in Wicomico to do what he is good at, and that is try cases. This will be good for Wicomico County to have a good prosecutor added to the Office, and Billy can stay far away from what he isn’t good at and that’s politics.


2 thoughts on “Billy McDermott Update

  1. That’s a shame… I really liked Billy… can’t stand Mike… and now I’m not thrilled with Billy’s attitude. To be a good politician you need to have thick skin and put losses behind you.


  2. At the very least, have Kris come to the office to start learning the office routine there, see if she wants to CHANGE the routine, see the prosecutors in action and decide who stays or goes, see what cases are coming up etc. OF course, she is free (As any citizen is) to sit in the court rooms and watch, but that really just shows that Billy is being unreasonable by not having her in the office.


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