Coke Removes Drink Machine From Lower Shore Ambulance Squad In Crisfield

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“A real big shout out to Coca Cola for removing the Coke machine from the Ambulance Squad this morning because it doesn’t make them enough money. Thank you Coca Cola for taking care of 1st Responders!! We really appreciate it. Money means more to Coca Cola than working with 1st Responders. I can’t believe a company such as Coke would remove a drink machine from a small group of volunteers because the profit is not what they want. Just shows you that money means more to Coca Cola than helping 1st Responders. I will certainly not forget this. I’m a Diet Pepsi guy anyway. Thanks Coca Cola!!”

24 thoughts on “Coke Removes Drink Machine From Lower Shore Ambulance Squad In Crisfield

  1. Coca-cola is still a business. They have to make money too. This is no reason to attack them. The first responders aren’t capable of buying coke from a store and bringing it?


      1. You are dumb they don’t sell them for a dollar, $1 is the charge for steaming them because you cant buy cook food with EBT


  2. And you wonder why they are obese ? They should be Drinking water not soda and since when do you go against a companyaking money or should it take a EBT card ?.


  3. They also came in unannounced at the Coastal Coffee Roasters on route 50 in Berlin, Md. and stated that they were there to remove a small Coke beverage cooler due to the fact that the establishment was not selling enough of their beverage. This business had been a loyal Coke vendor for over thirty years. Do not know what is going on in Atlanta and Coca Cola headquarters.


  4. I agree with previous post, but your own drinks and put into refrigerator. What afraid you won’t make a profit too!


    1. Poor ALBUTTO. Go back and cut and paste 50 articles at one time without anyone noticing. Then he’ll come back with” who mentioned ALBUTTO”?? When it’s obvious it’s him . AGAIN. Talking in the turd person he is. PATHETIC.


  5. Makes sense, they have to drive a diesel truck all the way from Salisbury to Crisfield, pay a guy $15 an hour to drive there and fill the machine, to sell a few cans of soda here and there?

    Why not buy a refrigerator for sodas and put a change box on top, or can’t you trust your own people to reimburse you?


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