Bruce Anding Convicted Of Sex Abuse Of A Minor


14 thoughts on “Bruce Anding Convicted Of Sex Abuse Of A Minor

    1. I’m not Shaniqua however, he need to get the max plus as well as all other child molesters. This child has to deal with what this POS did to her for the rest of her life. So he need a life sentence so she don’t have to deal with looking at his face and relive the incidents.


      1. K thank you
        Culver is going to loose because of this Which I am sure you like and of course assbero is only putting up POS comments for his boy I guess assbero doesn’t own property in the county anymore so he is not worrying about this taxes going up and they WILL ….


  1. If you took this blog seriously?? Really?? You mean CUT and paste the entire blog with articles hours, days, old?? Rrrrrrriiiiiigggggghhhhhhtttt.


  2. Easier, cheaper solution to taxpayers having to pay to incarcerate and protect this…thing… for the rest of his life..(I won’t insult animals by calling him one)..there is no “cure” for a sexual predator…chemical castration (for you liberal soft hearted people) cannot guarantee he would not molest again-you don’t need working equipment to molest)..the easy cheap way…a .357 would do nicely…cheap, efficient, permanent…no other children will ever be harmed by that particular offender (life without parole does not always mean that-legislation can change-look at the “Justice Reinvestment Act” letting criminals get away with a whole lot the public is unaware of….


  3. Oh he will get his welcome if they put him in general population…..they don’t call it the “pokie” for no reason at all!!!!! They love to help child molesters reform….


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