Fruitland Little League Needs Our Help

Dear Local Small Business Owners and Community Members,

Please help us get our Fruitland Little League players to Beverly, Massachusetts on July 31, 2018, for the East Regional Little League Baseball Invitational Tournament for New England and the Mid-Atlantic. That is just ONE WEEK AWAY!

We are so proud of our Fruitland Little League players in the 9-11 Year Old Division, who were crowned the Maryland State Champions this past Thursday, July 19, 2018, at Waldorf, MD Little League.

The Journey to Maryland State Champions

On July 7, 2018, our Fruitland Little League team won the District 8 Championship game against Berlin Little League 13-0.  This big win sent our team to the Maryland State Championship at Waldorf, MD Little League.  Our Fruitland Little League team started a week-long journey on Saturday, July 14, 2018, at Waldorf, MD Little League with a fantastic 15-0 win over South Maryland Little League (from South Anne Arundel County, MD) in three short

innings and another decisive win 15-6 in four innings against Chesapeake City Little League on Sunday.  On Monday, July 16, 2018, our team faced Northwest Washington Little League and with determination and strength of character, our team won this match-up 11-0.

Finally, on this past Thursday, our team faced Northwest Washington Little League AGAIN in the Championship game to earn the Maryland State Championship title.  Our Fruitland Little League team won the Championship game 13-4.

What an incredible accomplishment for the players, coaches, Fruitland Little League, and all the family, friends, and local businesses that support these players and our league throughout the season.  We are so proud of our players and coaches and all of their hard work, and we hope you can help us raise money to send our players and coaches to Beverly, Massachusetts on July 31, 2018, to compete for the East Region Little League title.  Money raised will pay for travel, meals, and hotel expenses.

How Can You Help THIS WEEK?

Every little bit helps!  Whether you’re a local business that can give $1,000 (or $25) or a grandparent who can give $25 (or $1,000), our players need your help.

1. Please visit our Facebook page at to make a donation;

2. Contact Ami Whitelock 443-614-7149 or, and we will arrange to come pick-up your check (made payable to Fruitland Little League) from your local business; OR

3. Mail your check to Fruitland Little League, P.O. Box 195, Fruitland, MD 21826.

Again, the team leaves for Beverly, Massachusetts on Monday, July 30, 2018!  Thank you and GO TEAM!


Fruitland Little League Tax ID 45-3087075

Fruitland Little League P.O. Box 195, Fruitland, MD 21826




15 thoughts on “Fruitland Little League Needs Our Help

  1. Parents should pay for their own children to play sports. Quit asking for handouts. If you can’t afford for your child to play, don’t sign them up. This is not something everyone should fund. Pay for your own children!!


      1. No. I don’t want to pay those either. Show me where I said that I would rather pay taxes to cover costs of prisons and drug rehab. Hint…I DIDN’T say it. Keep making shit up as you go along.


  2. What’s wrong with the little guy third in from the right?? In both pictures he’s not to happy after winning.


  3. My EBT card …….
    Can I use it here to gives da kids some money Yo?

    DAG, Dem white kids looks hungry yo


  4. If you desire to give do so but don’t get angry at kids who have traveled to two tournaments and played their hearts out while showing great sportsmanship to opposing teams. This is a special group of 9 -11 year old children that have an wonderful opportunity to move on. This is rare especially from the town of Fruitland.


    1. No one is angry at all. We simply stated that parents should pay for their own children. That’s not angry. That is an opinion. You state that this is a “special group of 9-11 year old children”. Trust me when I say this…EVERYONE thinks their kids are “special”. They are not curing cancer, they are not saving lives and they are not improving the world for others. THAT would make them “special”. They are playing baseball…like almost every other 9-11 year old. There is nothing “special” about that. Sure, they won some games and tournaments. That is nice and to be commended. I hope they continue to win and do well. I honesty wish them success. However, stop overvaluing what they are doing. You are a typical parent who thinks their child is “special”. Just because people don’t agree with you, you call us “angry”. We are just being “honest” and “keeping it real”. Pay for your own child. It really is THAT simple.


  5. Anon 11:34 Not a parent, a Little League Volunteer, Umpire. Don’t disagree with your comments but a little overboard. These kids and the Fruitland Little League have just as much right as any organization in raising funds.


    1. I agree. They absolutely have that right. However, when you sign your child up to play a sport, you should recognize the potential costs. It’s not the public’s responsibility to pay for other people’s children to go play baseball and, by extension, pay for a family’s vacation. As taxpayers, our tax dollars already pay for the upkeep of the fields as well as their education in our school system. Many taxpayers do not have children yet still pay for the board of education. The bottom line is this, don’t sign your child up to play a sport if you can’t afford it and need the public’s assistance.


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