Welcome Back College Celebrates its Fifteenth Year

Welcome Back College Celebrates its Fifteenth Year

For its 15th year, the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce will welcome back college students back to Delmarva with its “College Welcome Program.”

The Program consists of a three-week campaign meant to connect and foster positive relationships between local businesses and residents with Salisbury University, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and Wor-Wic Community College students.

This year, Hebron Savings Bank will act as the lead and sole sponsor, making it possible for the Chamber to purchase Clear Channel Outdoor billboards displaying the “Welcome College Students” message and welcome posters printed for businesses to display in their windows. Clear Channel has donated the billboard locations.

The College Welcome Program was developed to strengthen ties between businesses and their college consumers. The Chamber believes that college students are a vital part of the community and hopes to make students aware of their importance.

For more information about this program, contact Morgan Coulson at 410-749-0144 or mcoulson@salisburyarea.com.


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  1. The chamber of commerce and Mike Dunn along with John Cannon are the biggest POS joker’s on the shore aka good ole boys network.


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