Italian Restaurant Coming To Aldi Location On North Salisbury BLVD

I have been working the phone this morning trying to get updates to several hit topics on people’s minds. The first of which is what 2 restaurants are coming to the new Aldi location in North Salisbury. One will be a fast food location but the other I have learned will be an Italian themed restaurant.

It is unsure at this point if it will be a chain, but carrabas has been mentioned by several people. This however may be just rumored since there are few chain Italian restaurants.

The one thing I did get confirmation on is it will be Italian themed fine dining.


15 thoughts on “Italian Restaurant Coming To Aldi Location On North Salisbury BLVD

  1. Carraba’s is NASTY, and Romano’s Macoroni Grill is WAY OVERSALTY and inedible. If it had to be a chain I’d hope for Maggiano’s Little Italy, but prefer is to be a non-chain.


  2. i am looking forward to Aldi and the fast food resturaunt coming to the area. I see new jobs coming to the area which in return is going to help our economy. I am grateful to the Mayor and city council for bringing more jobs to the area. The mayor has done alot of good things for the area such as lowering taxes bringing the folk festival new river walk trolley service for the students new bike routes and improving downtown


  3. 7:52 I believe you are the one not living within the City OR you are just a renter and not a property owner! Mayor Day will continue to improve Salisbury and the majority of us PROPERTY OWNERS AND CITY RESIDENTS will continue to support him in his efforts! 10:44 is just a taco, taco, man wanna be…..go back to West Ocean City!


  4. Are these food joints going to be inside Aldi,s? The lot is so tiny and there is going to be a small parking lot.


    1. I believe the Real Estate company and the Beracah Homes building have both been sold to the same developer and that’s where the restaurants are going, as one is supposed to be waterfront. I think the city owns East of the Aldi? An open space project, walking trails or something perhaps to eventually come.


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