Woman Missing For A Year Returns Home In Fruitland

Exactly 1 year after Ms. Fields was reported missing, she presented herself, unharmed


12 thoughts on “Woman Missing For A Year Returns Home In Fruitland

  1. Hey coming attraction…LOL ROOTZ FEST….Kunta Kinte will be serving fish tacos and water melon slices for dessert! Trader Lee’s and O.C. POCKET BILLIARDS PRESENT…..ha ha ha Thuggery FEST! He has nerve to trash the Mayor of Salisbury and our upcoming Folk Festival! It’s nothing but jealously, he wishes he had original ideas on something……anything, but, we know from his blog he can only copy and paste….makes ya feel sorry for Jen…..maybe not!


    1. Yeah, what the Hell is up with that? As much as he rags on the thugs at the Salisbury Festival then he creates an event to get them at his run-down bar. Proves that they are begging for business when you have to resort to bringing this kind of clientele to your establishment.


    2. I’m pretty sure that was directed at you JT.

      Sunday, July 29, 2018
      Roots Festival At Trader Lee’s A Huge Success

      While I’m sure we all know who the following commenter is said, “Can’t wait to see the pictures you post saying how successful it was yadda yadda but there’s only like 30 people there.” They continue to send in these kind of comments all the time but all they do is continue to spew their FAKE NEWS and it ultimately slaps them right in the face.


  2. Thank GOD that she has returned safe and unharmed. Now she and her family can carry on with their lives and not fearing that she would not make it back alive. It doesn’t matter where she was what matters is that she is safe and at home with her family. There’s many kids whom never return or found.


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