Downtown Salisbury 1944


19 thoughts on “Downtown Salisbury 1944

  1. Wow. 5:02. It’s ALBUTTO. Who else has ever used the term pussy hat?? Or ass hat. HAHAHA. You POS just got caught. Yet you say you never come here. Now your the pink PUSSY hat. LMAO. Nothing more than a PATHETIC. Untrustworthy. Failed human being .


  2. Here’s a rant for you:
    There used to be so many blogs to read in this area. There was Two Cents, Progressive Delmarva, Angry Richard, The Salisbury Grinch, The Delmar Daily, Right Coast, Patrick Samuels, and maybe a few others. I loved the debates on PD between Liberal Elite and Bob. Several were “over the top” on a regular basis, with Grinch being the best. Now there’s only four that I know of, and they are very tame compared to “the old days,” which were really only about 9 years ago.


      1. I don’t know why anyone would spend all the time and effort required to run a blog without making any money off of it.


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