Wright’s Market Festival Today


9 thoughts on “Wright’s Market Festival Today

  1. Somebody should post these pictures for taco boy, let him see real people at an event! ROOTZ FEST was nothing, no AC…garage door open, fans on the bar!!! He calls it a success, after Jen, Alcoholic Bob, and Crack head Chris made favorable comments….fish tacos a mushy mess! Mayor Day will school him at our National Folk Festival!


  2. Time to get going on the Culver – Heath contest, and it looks like Jack Heath is now in high gear with signs and supporters. Please help him win by letting folks know the truth about Culver and his f-ups as county executive and elsewhere.


  3. Jt can I get a comment worthy of post.

    Assbero is all happy about how many bikers go to Trader Lee’s I wonder if these people realize they are supporting a Anti cop Anti FF Anti shore SCUMBAG he is also supporting Bikers getting DRUNK I wonder if he will post there DWI ARRESTS on his shit blog ,?
    Why to go on bring in bikers to get trashed and leave drunk killing themselves and others.

    Especially when he trashed the new sheriff Elect.


    1. Here is the direct comment from Albero regarding his ROOTZ FEST…

      JoeAlberoJuly 29, 2018 at 5:48 PM
      1:30, See, it’s people like you who spew lies. You just keep believing whatever you so choose. Trader Lee’s is on the map and has become the “go to” place to enjoy entertainment in all of West Ocean City. We have the greatest bands and customers any good business person could enjoy. Our sound system is second to none. Our stage is the best anywhere on the Shore and the fact that our license allows you to drink anywhere in our parking lot, people can enjoy not being crammed into a building while still enjoying the live music. Customers were having to tour our parking lot three times before they could find a place to park and trust me, we have a HUGE parking lot that even extends all the way back up Rt. 50 to the Alamo. Yeah, we had 30 people there, too funny.

      So, let me get this straight. He brags about people being permitted and encouraged to drink in the parking lot. In the same sentence he says that the parking lot is so busy that people are circling three times to find a parking spot. As a business owner, he shows no concern at all about the safety of his customers. His own words will be used against him when someone is struck by a car while drinking in the parking lot. He knows it’s dangerous yet he brags about it and promotes it. SMDH. The liquor board needs to intervene.


    2. It/He will self-destruct. His businesses always do. Maybe JT will link the story of the Crofton, MD murder of a 16 year old girl with a .357 at Chalk Talk, Joe’s seedy pool hall from the 90’s.


      1. His dad’s electric bulb company was a failure his pool hall is a failure his step son drug addict is a failure he is a failure on the shore cops hate him FF hate him he is a POMPass asshole this faker Lee’s will be a failure I hope the sheriff sets up DWI CK points all around his shithole dive garage bar.


  4. 5:01 real folks love exposing the little liar for exactly what he is…..nothing! Wait until one-term Bob is replaced and Jen is unemployed and watch how fast he turns on Wicomico County….it’s all lovie dovie right now as long as Bobby keeps her employed, but, its going to change real soon!


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