Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department Responds To Latest PETA Attack


The Official Response to PETA:

We are aware of the untruths that PETA has stated in their latest attempt to fool the general public about our Pony Penning events. In their last letter to us which by the way was sent to me through a newspaper reporter, it wasn‘t emailed to me or mailed to me (unless it’s at the post office as I write this), they claim that one of our mares, Butterfly Kisses, was “chased into” the pen. Nothing could be further from the truth. She was already in the pen and had been there for over 24hrs. We have eye witnesses to prove otherwise. This is the same pen that she has been in numerous of times without incident. They also claim that we “force” them to swim. I have photos to prove that the ponies swim all the time on their own. They also claim that while in the care of the fire Company during round ups that the ponies aren’t provided shade. Again, false and we have photos to prove that we provide shade when necessary. They also claim that while during round ups that no fresh water or food is provided to them. Again, false. There are at least a dozen water troughs at the carnival ground pens and hay is placed quite generously throughout the pen. Again, we have photos to prove that. While these ponies are out in the wild, they also have access to fresh water troughs in case the freshwater ponds are dry in the summer or frozen in the winter. During the winter, extra feed is provided to them. Twice a year, there are two complete vet checks. At these times the ponies get de-wormed, vaccinated for eastern and western west Nile disease, hooves checked, teeth checked and much more. All of the ponies that live out in the wild on the Virginia side of Assateague are microchipped with meticulously kept records of each one. When one is reported to be injured, someone from the pony committee is on the scene within usually a half hour. If the pony needs more care then the pony is brought over by trailer and seen by our vets. Same if a pony is sick. If the pony cannot recover then the pony is humanely euthanized and given a proper burial, not just tossed out on the marsh. At auction, the vet decides which ones can leave their mares at which time. If they are too young, then they go back with their mares until the fall. When each foal leaves our care and goes with their new families, a coggins test is done as well. Once again, while these ponies mean a great deal to the Fire Company, the town and the county financially, we are also human beings who see these gorgeous animals as the beautiful creatures they are and we handle them with the care and respect they deserve. If we did not do this event, these animals would end up over populating, eat themselves out of house and home, suffer diseases and injuries without any help at all. These are the facts about how we do what we do.

Now, I’m just going to throw out some facts about PETA so everyone can be as educated as PETA thinks to
hey are about us. Since 1998 PETA has killed more than 36,000 animals. 95.9% of animals under PETAS care have been killed in one year! Yes, one year! PETA has handed out literature to children with a graphic comic stating that “your mommy kills animals“ while also funding arsonist and terrorist groups. Their own president, Ingrid Newkirk, stated “ it would be lovely if we stopped this whole notion of pets altogether”. Would really love to know if she has any pets herself. In October 2014, members of PETA drove their van to the small town of Parksley, VA right here on the eastern shore and stole a pet dog off the porch of a family by coaxing the dog off the porch with treats. Within hours, the dog was killed. PETA broke two laws that day, larceny and euthanizing an animal before the 5 hold period that is the law for kill-shelters. The family ultimately sued PETA and PETA settled the case with the family for $49,000 dollars. In 2014, PETA killed 2,324 animals of the 2,626 it had acquired. It had a 1% adoption rate. A former PETA field worker testified that workers were mislead in the field, they were told to lie as much as possible to gain access to an animal under the ruse that the animal would be sent out for immediate adoption but instead were immediatelay taken to a kill room. One worker quit on the spot when witnessing healthy, vibrant animals in the kill room. Another former field worker testified the PETAS objective was to get as many animals as possible and the vast marjority was killed. She then testified that she was told to lie by her immediate supervisors to gain access to any animals and then told the same by President Ingrid Newkirk.

So, my friends, there you have it. All of the information I have just provided can be found at

animalsPetasopensecret and

I truly believe that what The Chincoteague Vol Fire Co does is good, fair and caring. I have personally been involved going on 29 years. There are many others that have been involved longer than I have and many younger ones coming up through the ranks. Until you have been here, seen it with your own eyes then we ask that you reserve your judgement until you do. I have done my homework and ask that PETA does theirs.

Thank you,
Denise P. Bowden
Public Relations Officer


6 thoughts on “Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department Responds To Latest PETA Attack

  1. I have been a long standing friend of PETA!!! I love chicken, beef, hogs, deer, and turkey….either fried or baked and smothered in gravy!!! Don’t put it on a damn taco though…LOL ha ha ha


  2. It smacks of desperation to try to distract from the cruelty that occurs at the pony swim by slamming PETA’s work to help suffering and neglected animals in their community. PETA is not a traditional animal shelter. They operate one small shelter—a shelter of last resort for animals who need euthanasia to end their suffering (many of whom have been rejected by other facilities), including dogs who are aggressive and unadoptable because they have been kept chained their entire lives; feral cats dying of contagious diseases; animals who are wracked with cancer; elderly animals who have no quality of life and whose desperate guardians brought them to PETA because they can’t afford to pay a vet to euthanize them; and the list goes on. A painless end is a kindness for these animals, and the services PETA provides are vitally needed in an area where many people can’t afford to take their animals to a veterinarian. This video explains more about PETA’s work: The owner of the dog, Maya, has acknowledged in a written statement that he realizes that her death was a tragic mistake, and his family has expressed gratitude to PETA for its services to the community. Last year alone, PETA spent over $2 million on free and low-cost care for local families and their animals, including emergency veterinary care; flea, tick, and flystrike preventive medications; and free spaying and neutering to prevent animal homelessness, as well as replacing inadequate shelter, like metal drums, with doghouses and straw bedding in winter and answering emergency calls for assistance, such as free euthanasia services and end-of-life care for those with no funds to pay for it. PETA made a donation to the Virginia Beach SPCA in Maya’s honor.


    1. Kill, kill, kill the PETA Mantra. PETA kills more animals in the US every year than all the animal abuse combined in five decades. PETA spends most of it’s donations on exorbitant salaries and propaganda, go through PETA’s charity advisors reports and see what a fraud they are.


    2. Well have PETA donate money to the county animal shelters throughout the States instead of there ridiculous sneaking around on their own. Drop the tree huger act…


    3. There is a old biblical saying that covers this one: “Ye that hath committed no sin shall cast the first stone.” PETA killed an innocent animal that it had no right to even touch. As such, PETA has forfeited any right to criticize another organization for its handling of animals. If it wants to advocate certain ideas, fine. But, the letters should cease. PETA has no moral high ground to advocate the abolition of Pony Penning or any other event involving animals. It took the life of an innocent animal and then tried to cover it up. Only a security camera video showing PETA employees in a PETA-marked van saved the day. They stole the animal and murdered it. Only the failure of the Commonwealth Attorney Gary Agar to do the job he swore to do and uphold the laws he swore to defend saved the workers and the organization from criminal charges and a conviction. PETA committed a crime and got away with it. They may have dodged that bullet, but they forfeited any right to criticize any other animal event or advocate for any other organization to end such an event with their actions. The price they should pay for their actions.


  3. PETA supporters have drank so much of the koolaid they can not see truths about the Chincoteague pony’s and what the fire company is providing these animals. Wild pony’s getting vet care If they truly cared about animals then they would be offering vet care for them food water etc. Not once in all the years has a penny been spent to help them. So I say who cares what PETA says. Put their money where their mouths are. Or Shut up!!!


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