Construction Underway

I have been working with WordPress this week to find an even better design for this site. I want it to be perfect for what I envision. Stay tuned


7 thoughts on “Construction Underway

  1. We are with you Mr. Taylor, thanks for all you do to keep your site up and running so real truth to issues can be posted so that everyone gets “the rest of the story” not just one person’s lies!


  2. It still looks a lot like the old site, about 95% the same. I wish it would go more toward Grinch but I guess those were your younger days and you’ve grown up.


  3. Your wasting your time if you’re going to continue to let the anti-Albero whiners run this site. MORE LIPSTICK ON A PIG!


    1. Oh please STFU. WE all know it’s you ASSHAT. AGAIN. Then you’ll go back to your site and say how we all talk about you. Face it. You need JT. Without him you just a cut and paste FOX NEWS groupie.


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