Don’t Forget Tonight



5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Tonight

  1. I just went to the Fruitland town webpage and the fucking is so fucking outdated it’s embarrassing. The calendar has a link on it for tonights National Night Out and it’s a stupid pdf of the 2011 Night Out. Then I looked somewhere else for news and it was a link to a Fruitland blogspot page that hasn’t been updated since 2012. All those employees in that office and they can’t get off their lazy asses and maintain a professional website??

    Then I looked for contact information for the town council members and there was NONE!! That must be a lame ass city council to allow such an embarrassing web page that the tax payers are paying for. No wonder losers like them get elected.

    They have got to be the laughing stock of the Eastern Shore!!


  2. Yes I have to agree. Those elected clowns need to get their acts together. John Psota should never have been hired to be the town manager and his lack of experience is is really showing with the lame website and the lame National Night Out. Not only that the fact that Fruitland gave one of their good ole boys the Chief of Police job without doing a nationwide search. What the hell is wrong with that picture? Very unethical and proves Psota is NO leader.


  3. At 2:32 am read all the comments and I bet you will be able to figure out what nationwide search all by yourself.


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