Photos From Andy Harris Townhall Tonight In Fruitland


15 thoughts on “Photos From Andy Harris Townhall Tonight In Fruitland

    1. You mean Chuck Cook and his HOMOS! I’m surprised Jared Schablein, Jake Burdette, Jamaad Gould, Michele Gregory, Josh Hastings, Bill McCain, Seamus Benn, James Yakahomo and the others weren’t there in their chicken suits.


    August 11, 2018 at 11:48 am
    JT whatup with Station 13 on Snow Hill Rd? They ever going to cook that chicken again? They got a station, but maybe no engines.

    11:48 – Those bozos are history, and good riddance.


  2. I really hope the worchester Sheriff department does a DWI CK point up at Trader Lee’s ASSCLOWN is promoting Drunk motorcycle driving .


  3. 5:16 Why waste your time wishing bad things on Owlburrow? If the man is truly at the helm of that business then it’s already doomed, DUICKPT or not. I just hope nobody gets hurt.


  4. JT,

    Are you going to help Heath in his campaign?

    If so it’s time to start doing so on your blog, and can you get the Democrat who is also running against Culver to withdraw and ask his supporters to vote for Heath?


  5. Enjoy Harris while you can. If Hogan is defeated the Dhimmicraps in Annapolis will gerrymander a safe seat for a libtard to run Harris out just like they ran out Connie Morella, Helen Bentley, and Roscoe Bartlett.

    No doubt the liberal Fake Day will run for the seat.


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