10 Years What Have I Learned Secrets Revealed

So as stated earlier this year I have hit the 10 year mark of being involved in the news and blogging world. I’m going to share some observations and thoughts on the experience and reveal some insider secrets.

One of the biggest things which should come as no surprise, is that politicians are not your friends. It can sometimes seem like it, but it’s only in the capacity that you can be useful to them. I have made some valuable friendships I never would have because of starting this site, but 90% don’t even care if your alive or dead.

After 10 years the number of politicians who have forgotten my phone number after an election is surprisingly high. The thing is quite a few years back I decided I wasn’t going to just jump into the fray of a candidate battle just to be opposite of Albero. The candidates I helped freely appreciated the assist, but honestly I started to wonder where was it in my initial bylaws that I had to fight for candidates simply because of that.

Look at this example . Candidate A is being supported by people I dislike, and Candidate B is being attacked viciously by these very people. Where is it stated that I need to take my time and effort to defend them if Candidate B never asks me for help? There are some good people that I have known many years that I will do it for, but the majority don’t even take the time to speak when they see me in public.

I never thought I would still be doing this 10 years later, but there are times I do truly enjoy it. I can honestly say not as much as I used to or should, but running any business has ups and downs. More reveals coming soon


10 thoughts on “10 Years What Have I Learned Secrets Revealed

  1. Thanks Jt for doing your site. It has exposed Culver and his clan of puppets afraid to stand up to him. Your site has exposed many truths and will expose more.


  2. He could have played a lot of us, but, first your thinking he’s RINO you probably need more insight to that label!!! He’ll be re-elected with out even trying!!! Carl is a politician, things change a little once elected, but that’s not just Carl IT’S EVERY POLITICIAN! He was by and far the best qualified….and still is!!!


  3. Great point on politics….I learned a long time ago that same fact. Politicians are out for one thing…the position, then once elected it’s all about what they want not the people!!!! It is so true than man can not direct his own step! Way too much corruption, just look at the current FBI and the DOJ mess….


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