August 15th Support Rally For Officers And Staff At ECI


4 thoughts on “August 15th Support Rally For Officers And Staff At ECI

  1. I’m doing polish sausages with peppers and onions $6 at the event set up next to the old store. All money goes to the Legion.
    John “Bakes” Baker


  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but CO’s make great money! Now they want more pay on top of good benefits. And for those who say they should make more then cops, let’s see how many can pass a PT test.


    1. Obviously you aren’t a CO or married to one. “make great money” is a joke. How many cops can pass a PT test once they leave the academy? At least cops have the materials and guns to defend themselves when they need to. COs at ECI aren’t so lucky. The stab vest that some are able to wear wouldn’t stop a butter knife and yes I said ‘some’ because there aren’t enough to go around to cover all COs. These guys/girls put their lives on the line every day they walk through those gates and don’t get a quarter of the respect they should from the public or from their own employer.


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