Controversy In Pocomoke Over Bruce Morrison’s Role Going Forward

Politics is a shitty business my friends and recently controversy has arisen in Pocomoke regarding the future of Mayor Bruce Morrison who is recovering from a serious medical situation. Bruce currently has medical issues that limit his ability to do his elected job as Mayor. Bruce has 2 years left on his term and The Council would like to move Bruce into an honorary position and allow someone to step up to fill Bruce’s shoes.

This is really a no win for anyone who gets involved as they are going to come out looking bad. Pocomoke has a weak Mayor system so technically the City manager and council run the day to day operations, but I can understand the concerns people have regarding the elected Mayor. As stated last month I was so happy to see Bruce be out and about after his health scare and he seemed in good spirits. I just honestly don’t know the best way to handle it for the citizens.

What are your thoughts on the matter?


8 thoughts on “Controversy In Pocomoke Over Bruce Morrison’s Role Going Forward

  1. I think Morrison himself should step down considering he cannot be the face of Pocomoke City. We need a strong figure there, he cannot be that person and we don’t even know for how long he’s going to be this way medically. I surely don’t believe Troast should be the one either. She has been a huge disappointment to the Pocomoke voters who elected her!! We thought she actually cared for the town she lives in but her actions are showing a different kind of person then the one who campaigned for the seat she sits in. How pitiful of her and Tasker to talk to the media, what great morals those two have!


  2. in all fairness to the people of Pocomoke City, Bruce Morrison should no longer be Mayor. Morrison cannot talk or comprehend anything after the outcome of his surgery. All Morrison can do is bang the gavel he holds in his hand.


  3. What does the Town Charter stipulate? I can’t imagine that it doesn’t already have provision when things like this arise! Examine the by-laws and see what’s written…..


  4. August 9, 2018 at 12:55 pm
    At he Pocomoke City council meeting Monday night tempers were high. Prior to the meeting, City Councilwoman Ester Troast and City Councilman Rev. George Tasker was put on the spot by fellow members of the council. It turned out Troast and Rev. Tasker were secretly talking to the media about removing mayor Morrison from office due to his brain surgery. When asked by the council who talked to the media, Troast confessed but Rev. Tasker denied several times that he did not contact the media. After several heated arguments that ensued, Rev. Tasker finally admitted that he was one of the culprits who contacted the media in an attempt to remove the Mayor. Rev. George Tasker who is Pastor of the Pocomoke City Abundant Life Apostolic Church lied to the council and the people who were in attendance. The audience who attendant the council meeting began chanting, “Tasker is a lyer”.


    1. Esther is a close and personal friend of Mayor Morrison and his wife. While I was not at the meeting, I find it very difficult to believe that she would speak secretively about him.


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