National Folk Festival Street Closings

Downtown Residents:

The National Folk Festival is coming to Downtown Salisbury September 7-9, 2018. This event is unprecedented for Salisbury and we could not pull this off without your partnership! We wanted to reach out to all of our Downtown businesses, employees, residents, etc and share the event scope and footprint. You may see some disruption in the weeks leading up to the Festival, but the included map and grid will cover all the information you need to know.

Parking Lot Closures and Relocations

Lots will be closing in a rolling fashion, but the included grid and map will help you figure out where to park during the period when your usual lot is closed. (Please review the link to the map and detailed grid below for more details)

If you normally park Park

Lot 16 Lot 10

Lot 30 Lot 35

Lot 1 Parking Garage

Lot 15 Parking Garage

Lot 12/Lot 11 TBD

Lot 4 Lot 7 or 13

Lot 33 Lot 35

We will be providing parking passes to those disrupted by the lot closures for the designated areas that they will be parking in.

Street Closures

A majority of the street closures will occur Friday morning of the Festival. Any cars left on streets within the scope of the festival will need to be gone by 6 AM, Friday of the Festival, as hard barricades will close the footprint.

Streets that will close earlier than Friday are as follows

N Division Street from Rt 50 to Main – will close 9/4/18 at 5 PM and reopen 9/10/18

W Market Street from Circle to Camden – will close 9/5/18 at 8 AM

E Main Street from N Division to Court – will close 9/6/18 at 6 AM

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Dee Kelley in the City’s Parking Department at or 410-548-3162 or the Office of Business Development at or 410-677-1916.

We hope to see you at the National Folk Festival and thank you for your patience as we welcome this exciting event to Salisbury.

Please visit this link for the Lot Closure Grid and Map for the National Folk Festival September 7-9, 2018


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  1. Thanks for posting, we have a early heads up! Let’s see how many idiots can’t look at the map and get on the right streets……they will just whine about the traffic pattern changes!


  2. None of those punks coming here, they watch the news and know this is the home of Sheriff Mike Lewis…..they are not coming to get in his gun sights!!! Don’t get all wrapped up in FAKE NEWS that reported Homeland Security reported this or that…..never happened!


  3. Mayor Day making Salisbury Great Again….just wait until we put Jack Heath over the County, then we will start making the entire County Great Again!!!!


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